World leading GenScript’s gene synthesis is supported by GenScript oligo synthesis for 20 years. GenScript also provides customized DNA oligo, RNA oligo, siRNA, trimer oligo, large scale synthesis, and high-throughput oligo pool services with superior quality, as well as TaqMan probes and NGS adapters, hybridization capture probes, and multiplex PCR oligo to support molecular diagnostic applications.

We are committed to collaborating with our customers to support their specific project needs in a wide range of applications, from molecular diagnostics to genome editing with high-quality oligonucleotides backed by our Ph.D.-level technical support.


Powerful synthesis platform

  • Up to 200 nt DNA & 180 nt RNA, kg delivery ability
  • Expert in 200+ type & high proportion modification

Optimized purification system

  • HPLC+: no peaks at NTC within 40 cycles
  • PAGE+: cross-contamination rate as low as 0.01%

Strict quality control

  • Molecular weight bias ≤ 0.05% / Purity up to 95%
  • ISO 13485: support MDx kit registration & certification

Support qPCR, NGS, RNAi, gene editing

  • From reagent for R&D to raw material of kit in MDx
  • High batch to batch consistency & stability


qPCR Oligo

  • Strictly control exogenous contamination in monitored clean room
  • Stable quality & Ct value and excellent batch-to-batch consistency
  • High precision with low CV value & high sensitivity with high detection rate

NGS Oligo

  • Adapter: Low cross-contamination rate as low as 0.01%
  • Capture Probe: Stable modifications, uniform quantification & precise pooling
  • Multiple PCR oligo: uniform quantification & precise pooling

RNA Oligo

  • Expert in long chain synthesis supported long guide RNA
  • Expert in 200+ & high proportion modification enabling in vivo study
  • Superior customized QC & IND filling documentation to match your request

Lager Scale DNA/RNA Oligo Synthesis

  • kg level & cost-effective with stable consistency
  • HPLC purity up to 95% with less cytotoxicity
  • Fast deliver time: 200g oligo order in 15 days


Zhenjiang Oligo Production Site

Zhenjiang Oligo Production Site

Nanjing Oligo Production Site

Nanjing Oligo Production Site

Production Workfollow

production workfollow

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