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Meet your various RNA projects

Both unmodified and modified RNA oligos / Comprehensive backbones

Flexible synthesis scales / High-quality and cost-effective

Custom RNA Oligos

Synthetic RNA is widely used in research applications as an important tool for gene functional analysis and the development of novel therapeutic strategies. GenScript provides high-quality and cost-effective custom RNA oligos with flexible synthesis scales to meet researchers' different needs. Unmodified RNA, RNA with modifications, chimeric oligonucleotides with mixed DNA and RNA bases, 2'-OMe-RNA, 2'-F-RNA, and other antisense RNAs are available at your specific request. To ensure that the RNA oligos are of highest quality, all RNA oligonucleotides are identified by ESI (electrospray ionization) mass spectrometry. To meet QC specifications, the deviation from measured mass to calculated mass must be no more than 1‰. The purity of the RNA is analyzed by HPLC.

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Long RNA oligos up to 160 bases are now available!

- ISO9001 certificated, comprehensive quality assurance:

  • ESI-MS guaranteeing mass variation <1‰
  • RNase-free HPLC results guaranteeing more than 90% purity

Competitive Advantages:

RNA Oligo Synthesis:

GenScript provides comprehensive RNA backbones with flexible synthesis scales for your antisense studies.


GenScript provides a wide variety of modifications for your individual research need. The modifications range from

  • General modifications such as modified bases, phosphorylation, thiolation, linkages, etc.
  • Labeling such as fluorescent/non-fluorescent dye labeling, dual-labeled and multiple labeling
  • Backbone modifications such as DNA containing thiophosphodiester linkages.


GenScript's RNase-Free HPLC purification is carefully performed in an RNase-free environment. Reagents, equipment and processing are all constantly monitored for RNase contamination.

Additional Service:

Extra $0.20/tube for aliquoting into over 5 tubes.

Delivery Specifications:

  • Your desired oligonucleotides
  • Certificate of analysis (COA)
  • MS report
  • HPLC report (Optional if applicable)

Quotations and Ordering:

For quotations, please use our secured Online Quotation/Ordering system. However, you may also contact us by email, phone (1-732-885-9188) or fax (1-732-210-0262).

Secure Instant Online Quotation

Orders can be placed directly through our secured Online Quotation/Ordering system with a formal PO (Purchase Order) or credit card.

For batch orders, please download and complete our Quick Quotation Request and send it to us via email or fax.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours Monday through Friday. You may contact us anytime for assistance.