Peptide Libraries are systematic combinations of a large variety of peptides, which are widely used for target screening in popular research areas such as immunotherapy, vaccine development, drug discovery and proteomics. With our PepHTS™ platform, GenScript offers comprehensive Peptide Library services with extensive AccuPep QC services including TFA Removal, Solubility Testing, Endotoxin Control & Analysis and others to ensure your study success.

Peptide Library Specifications

One-Stop Solutions for Your Research in Immunology, Proteomics and Drug Discovery.

Crude Peptide Library (SC1177) Upgraded! Purified Peptide Library (SC1487)
5-15 AA
16-25 AA
5-25 AA
≥70% to ≥98%
1 – 20 mg
1 – 20 mg
1 – 9 mg***
Turnaround time
(Business Days)*
9-17 days
15-20 days
15-20 days
Minimum order size
24 peptides
24 peptides
Deliverable format**
Lyophilized peptides in 96-well plate or individual well-labelled vials
Quality documents
MS only or COA, HPLC and MS for each peptide
COA, HPLC and MS for each peptide
Comprehensive: biotin, fluorescent dyes, phosphorylation, methylation, acylation, acetylation, unnatural amino acids, and many more
  • * Turnaround time may be longer for orders over 60 peptides.
  • ** Automated peptide pooling available upon request.
  • *** For quantity that is over 4 mg,please contact our technical manager to get quotation.

Getting a quote is easy: GenScript provides a secure peptide library online quotation system for your convenience. You can also email us with your peptide library quote request at peptide@genscript.com.

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Select your Peptide Libraries by applications

GenScript’s customized Peptide Libraries are optimized for the following research areas:

Check out our Peptide Library Design Guide to get detailed instructions on how to pick the right Peptide Libraries for your research:

Applications Service Design Purity
T-cell Immunotherapy
Crude or ≥70%
Vaccine Development
High Purity (≥90%)
Cancer Research
Crude or ≥70%
Antibody and T-cell Epitope Mapping
Crude or ≥70%
Biological Assays
≥70% or higher

Technology and Quality

Peptide libraries are synthesized using our proprietary PepHTS™ Peptide Library technology and undergo vigorous quality control to avoid cross-contamination prior to delivery. Click here to find out more about our Total Quality Management System.

Ordering Information


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