Are your immunostimulation assays generating erratic data? Why do your cells cultured for days become apoptotic after adding peptide? Endotoxin contamination may be the culprit.

Endotoxins (lipopolysaccharides) are major components of the cell walls of gram-negative bacteria, and can be introduced into custom peptide preparations during synthesis. More important, they can stimulate a plethora of unwanted immune reactions in B cells, macrophages, as well as stimulate T cell expansion even at low concentrations.

To enhance your experimental results, GenScript now offers custom peptide with guaranteed Endotoxin Control service to reduce endotoxin level at ≤0.01 EU/μg, which is ideal for most of cellular assays.

Deliverables for Endotoxin Control Service

  • Delivering custom peptides with desired purity and quantity at guaranteed endotoxin level of <0.01 EU/μg
  • Qualitative endotoxin report
  • Only 2 more additional days in your synthesis turnaround time, depending on peptide sequence
Service Type
Endotoxin Level
Endotoxin Analysis
No guarantee
Endotoxin Control
Guaranteed endotoxin level of <0.01 EU/µg

*The endotoxin control can effectively control the endotoxin level below < 0.01 EU/μg during peptide synthesis with a success rate of 98%.

GenScript also offer other QC services to help make research easier for custom peptide service.

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