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Homo sapiens (human) Genes

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Mus musculus (house mouse) Genes

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Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat)

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Gene Synthesis & Molecular Biology Services

Gene Synthesis

New! GenSmart Online Ordering

GenPlus™ High-Throughput Gene Synthesis

GenPlus™ Economy Gene Synthesis

Express Gene Synthesis – Fastest Turnaround

GenBrick™ Synthesis – 8-15 kb long DNA sequences

Codon Optimization - Increase Protein Expression

Rare Codon Analysis Tool

Commonly Used Codon Frequency Tables

Applications for Gene Synthesis

Express Cloning & Subcloning

Express Cloning Vectors

VectorArk Storage & Cloning

Express Mutagenesis & Site-Directed Mutagenesis

High-Throughput Mutagenesis to Plasmid

Plasmid DNA Preparation

Research Grade Plasmid DNA Preparation

Industrial Grade Plasmid DNA Preparation

GLP Plasmid Preparation

High-Throughput Plasmid Prep Service

Plasmid Prep Quality Control

Applications for Gene Synthesis

New! GenParts Gene Fragments

Metabolic Pathway Assembly

Gene Variant Libraries

Mutagenesis Libraries

Truncation Variant Libraries

Combinatorial Assembly Library

High-throughput Protein Variants Service

DNA Sequencing


DNA Sequencing Sample submission Guidelines

DNA Sequencing Standard Primers

DNA Sequencing Dropbox Locations

DNA Sequencing Data Analysis

RNAi and KI/KO Vector Construction

KI and KO Vector Construction Services

siRNA and miRNA

siRNA Design Center

Vector-Based siRNA Services

RNAi Technology

siRNA Selected Publications

Vector-Based miRNA Services

DNA/RNA Oligos

Oligo Purification

GenScript Defined Codes

Custom RNA Oligos

Current Gene Service Promotions

ORF cDNA Clones and Custom Clones

GenEZ™ ORF cDNA Clones

Search for ORFs

GenEZ™ ORF cDNA Clone Vectors

GenEZ™ ORF cDNA Clone Mutants

cDNA ORF Clone News

GenEZ™ Hot genes

HFE (hemochromatosis) gene protein-coding, expression-ready cDNA clone-Genscript

ACTN3 (actin alpha 3) gene, Homo sapiens

AKT1 (V-Akt Murine Thymoma Viral Oncogene Homolog 1) gene, Homo sapiens

APOE (Apolipoprotein E) gene, Homo sapiens

BARD1 gene (BRCA1 Associated RING Domain 1) gene, Homo sapiens

BCL2 gene (B-Cell CLL/Lymphoma 2) gene, Homo sapiens

BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) gene , Homo sapiens

PAH (Phenylalanine hydroxylase) gene, Homo sapiens

UTY (Ubiquitously transcribed tetratricopeptide repeat containing, Y-linked) gene, Homo sapiens

FMO3 (Flavin containing monooxygenase 3) gene, Homo sapiens

NCOR1 (Nuclear receptor corepressor 1) gene, Homo sapiens

ATIC (5-Aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide ribonucleotide formyltransferase/IMP cyclohydrolase) gene, Homo sapiens

SOX2 (SRY-box 2) gene, Homo sapiens

EPO (Erythropoietin) gene, Homo sapiens

GAPDH (Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase) gene, Homo sapiens

SPARC (Secreted protein acidic and cysteine rich) gene, Homo sapiens


GenEZ™ Mini ORF Libraries

Alzheimer’s Disease Pathway Targets

BRCA1 signaling

HDAC Superfamily

Circadian Clock Pathway

p38 MAPK Signaling Pathway (Downstream)

AKT Signaling (Downstream)

TRAIL Signaling Pathway

Molecular Cloning Central

Molecular Cloning Strategies

PCR Troubleshooting

Restriction Digestion

DNA Ligation

Plasmid Transformation

DNA Transfection Guide

Transfection Protocol

DNA Transfection Troubleshooting

DNA Ligation Protocol

DNA Ligation Troubleshooting Guide

PCR Protocol, PCR Steps

PCR Troubleshooting Guide

Restriction Digest Protocol

Restriction Digestion Troubleshooting Guide

DNA Ligation Troubleshooting

What is DNA Transformation

DNA Transformation Protocol

Transformation Troubleshooting Guide

Vector Selection Guide

GenEZ™ ORF Clone sets

Species Summary

Gene Type

Terms of Use

Hot Human pathways

VectorArk & CloneArk System

GenScript MolecularCloud Plasmid Repository

Material Transfer Agreements

Frequently asked questions – FAQs – GenScript - GenDepotTM

Peptide Services

Custom peptide synthesis

Peptide Modifications

Isotopically labeled Peptides

Applications for Fluorescent-Labeled Peptides

PepPower™ Technology

Recombinant Peptide Synthesis

Quality Control/Quality Assurance

ArgonShield™ Packing Service

AccuPep+QC Testing

Solubility Testing Service

TFA Removal Service

Case Studies

Hydrophobic Peptides

Long Peptides

Multiple Disulfide Bonds

Modified Peptides

Branched Peptides

Side-Reaction Prone Peptides

Peptide News

Peptide Library

Micro-scale Peptide Library

Custom Peptide Pools

Applications for Peptide Libraries

Epitope mapping and validation

Protein-peptide binding

Gene and cell therapy

Peptide Biological assays

T cell assay optimization

Peptide Libraries for Cancer Research

Peptide libraries for viral diseases

Peptide vaccine development

Peptide library design guide

Peptide library purity guide

Peptide Array

Large-Scale Peptide Synthesis

cGMP Peptide Synthesis

cGMP Peptide Applications

Cosmetic Peptide Synthesis

Click Peptide Service

Peptoid Synthesis

Peptide Reference

Recombinant Protein & rAb Services

Insect Expression

InsectPower™ Guaranteed Package

GLP-level Baculovirus/Insect Protein Services

Yeast Expression

Mammalian Expression

Transient expression

Stable Cell Line Development

Process Development

GLP-Compliant Bioprocess

Recombinant Antibody Services

MamPower™ Guaranteed Antibody Package

High Throughout Antibody Production

Gram Level Production Cell Line

Recombinant Antibody Service Selection Guide

Transient Expression

High Density Transient Expression

MamPower™ Guaranteed Antibody Package

High Throughput Antibody Purification

MamPower™ Guaranteed Protein Package

Transient Protein Expression

Stable Cell Lines

Glutamine Synthetase Expression Cell Line

Glutamine Synthetase Expression Technology Case Study

Research vs. Commercial Use Cell Line

Expression Optimization

Large Scale Production

Large-scale Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody Production

Other Protein Services

High Throughput Variants

Chemical Protein Synthesis

Codon Optimization

Endotoxin Removal

Custom protein purification

Protein Refolding

Antibody Production Services

Polyclonal Antibody Services

FAST pAb Services-PolyExpress™

Standard Polyclonal Antibody Services

Polyclonal antibody services (Rabbit)

Complete Affinity-Purified Peptide Polyclonal Antibody Package

Polyclonal antibody services (Mouse)

Polyclonal antibody services (Rat)

Peptide-Antigen Database

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Development

Independent Antibody Validation New!

MonoExpress™ Fast mAb Services Promotion

Semi-custom Monoclonal Antibody Production

Fully-custom mAb Generation Services

MonoRab™ Rabbit mAb Services

Hybridoma Generation for Therapeutic Antibody Discovery

Anti-idiotype Monoclonal Antibody Service

MamPower™ Guaranteed Antibody Package

Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Services

Monoclonal Antibody Production Protocol

GANP Mouse Services

Phospho-Specific Antibody Services

Phospho-specific antibody protocols

Large-scale Antibody Manufacturing

Hybridoma Cell Culture Antibody Production Services

Ascites Production for In vivo mAb Manufacturing

Large-scale Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody Production

Preparation & Shipping Hybridoma Protocol

Specialized Antibody Services

Modification and Purification Services

Antibody Fragmentation Service

Conjugation and Labeling

Fluorescent Labeling


Antibody Drug Development

Immunoassay Development Services

Additional Antibody Services

Stable Cell Line services

Antibody Pairing Service

Upgraded!Anti-idiotype antibody service

Anti-idiotype antibody case study

Anti-idiotype Monoclonal Antibody Protocol

DNA Immunization Service for Custom Ab

Antibody Service Selection Tool

Antibody Screening and Characterization

Discovery Biology Pharmaceutical Services

Antibody and Protein Engineering

Premium hybridoma development service

Antibody Humanization Service

Anti-idiotype Monoclonal Antibody Service

In Vitro Pharmacology

Discovery Biology News

Bioanalytical Services

Protein/Ab Analytics

Immune-checkpoint Assays

ADCC & CDC Assays

Stable Cell Line (CellPower™) for Assay Development

GPCR Target Solutions

Protease Target Solutions

Tumor Cell Line Profiling

Human Tumor Cell Line Panel

Biomolecular Interaction Analysis Services

Antibody Sequencing Services

Cell Line Services

Stable Cell Line services

CellPower™ Stable Cell Line Services for Assay Development

Process Development and Transfer

GenCRISPR™ gene editing service

CRISPR Services

CRISPR Plasmids

CRISPR RNAs/Cas9 Proteins

CRISPR Library Screens

CRISPR Cell Lines

CRISPR KO Cell Line Case Studies

CRISPR Bacteria & Yeast

Sequencing & Validation

Catalog Products


THE™ Elite Antibodies

THE™ His-tag mAb

His tagged protein detection & purification

THE™ GST-tag mAb


THE™cMyc-tag mAb

THE™ HA-tag mAb

THE™ β-Actin mAb

THE™ α-Tubulin mAb



THE™ V5 Tag mAb

THE™ strep-tag II mAb

THE™ BrdU mAb


THE™ ADP Antibody

THE™ Protein C Tag Antibody, mAb, Mouse

Tag antibodies, iFluor dye conjugate

Epitope Tag Antibodies

IVD Antibodies

Primary Antibodies

Cell Marker Antibodies

Control Antibodies

Cytokine and Growth Factor Antibodies

GPCR Antibodies

H1N1 Antibodies

Neuroscience Antibodies

Phospho-Specific Antibodies

Alzheimer's Disease Antibody list

Alzheimer's Disease Antibodies

Immune Checkpoint Antibodies and Proteins

Secondary Antibodies

Catalog Antibodies - View by Category

Catalog Antibodies - View by Cat. No.

Phosphotyrosine Antibody

Protein Isolation and Analysis

Protein Isolation and Purification

Protein Purification Resins

Protein A, G and L Resins

Monofinity A Resin

Tagged Protein Purification Resins

Magnetic Beads

Protein A, G and A/G MagBeads

Tagged Protein Purification MagBeads

Magnetic Racks

Protein Electrophoresis

Precast Gels

SurePAGE™ Gels, 10x8 series

ExpressPlus™ Gels, 10x8 series

ExpressPlus™ PAGE Gels, 10×10 series

Gel Selection Tool, 10x10 series

Protein Standards

Protein Detection and Immunoassay

ELISA Detection Kits

ONE-HOUR Western™ Detection Kits

ONE-HOUR WesternTM Basic Kit

ONE-HOUR WesternTM Advanced Kit

His Tagged Protein Detection & Purification

Cell Lysates

Reagents for Protein Analysis

Protein A ELISA Kit

eBlot® L1 Protein Transfer System

eStain® L1 Protein Staining System

eStain® 2.0 Protein Staining System

eStain Protein Staining Device

eStain Protein Staining Pads (R-250)

eStain Protein Staining Pads (G-250)

eStain Graphite Electrode (11mm)

eStain 2.0 -7 min Protein Gel Staining

eStain® 2.0 Demo Video

Molecular Biology Reagents

PCR Reagents

Taq DNA Polymerase

Green PCR

DNA Electrophoresis

Plasmid Purification

Small-scale Purification

Gel Extraction

PCR Cleaning

PCR Cloning

Routine PCR

PCR Cloning Kit

Cloning Vectors

Other Products

Endotoxin Detection and Removal System

Endotoxin Detection

ToxinSensor™ Single Test Kit

Endotoxin Removal

ToxinEraser Buffers

Stable Cell Lines

Catalog Peptides

Beta Amyloid Peptides

Catalog Peptides - Hot Products

All Catalog Peptides


PCR reagents/dNTPs

Biological Buffers

Quaternary Ammonium Salts

Peptide Building Blocks


Product Promotions

Recombinant Proteins


Growth Factors


Cytokine Bundles



Enzymes and Inhibitors

Virus Antigens

Other Catalog Proteins

Catalog Proteins - View by Cat. No.

GenCrispr Cas9 Genome Editing Products

GenCrispr/Cas9 kits

GenCrispr Cas9 Antibodies

GenCrispr Cas9 Enzymes


Technical Resource Centers

Gene Technical Resources

Gene News

Human Homo Naledi

Gene Synthesis FAQ

Gene Synthesis Handbook

Molecular Biology Tools

Applications for Gene Synthesis

Therapeutic Antibodies

Protein Engineering

Neuroscience Research

Cancer Biology

Genetic Engineering

Vaccine Design

Plant Biology Research

Synthetic Biology

Peer-Reviewed Citations

Customer Testimonial

Gene Synthesis Purchasing Guide

Current Gene Promotions

GenEZ™ ORF cDNA Clone Promotion

Molecular Biology Webinars

Free Gene Promotion

Peptide Technical Resources

Peptide Chemical Formula and MW Calculator

Peptide Property Calculator

Antigen Prediction Tool

Amino Acid Code

Amino Acid Property Chart

Peptide Library Design Tools

Overlapping Library

Alanine Scanning

Truncation Library

Positional Scanning Library

Random Library

Scrambled Library

T Cell Truncated Library

Frequently Asked Questions

Recommended Peptide Purity Guidelines

Peptide Solubility Guidelines

Peptide Handbook

Peptide Storage and Handling Guidelines

Peptide Antigen Design Guidelines

Why Peptide Assays Fail

Peptide Applications

Self-assembling peptide

Peptide Venom Peptides

Peptide Natriuretic Peptides

Neurodegenerative Disease Peptides

Peptides in Alzheimer’s Disease

peptides prion related diseases

Peptides in Huntington’s Disease

Milk-derived peptide therapies

Antimicrobial Peptides

Cancer Immunotherapy

Case Studies

Express peptides case studies

Long Peptides Case Studies

Hydrophobic Peptides Case Studies

Side-Reaction Prone Peptides

Branched Peptides

Modified Peptides

Peptide Publications

Peptide News


Peptide Webinars

Protein Technical Resources

Antibody Handbook

Ab Resources & Services

Bioinformatics Tools


Case Studies



ProtBank™ Protein Database

Protein News

Apoptosis – The Strategic Cellular Suicide

Protein Publications

Service selection guide

Technical Notes

MBP tag

Microfluidic cell culture

Top 100 most cited publications

Protein Antigen Production

IgG Antibody

Bispecific Antibody

Recombinant Vaccine

IgA Antibody

Antibody Technical Resources

Ab Services Promotions

Antigen Prediction Tool

Species Summary

Antibody Selection Guide

Polyclonal or Monoclonal Antibodies?

Protein Antigens vs Peptide Antigens

Advantages of Peptide Antigens

Antibody FAQ

Technology and Protocols

Antigen design tool

GANP® Mice for High Affinity Antibodies

Monoclonal Antibody production protocol

Phospho-specific Antibody Protocol

Animal care procedures

NIH Grant Application

Disclaimer and Production Note


Antibody News

Antibodies for Senescence and Aging

Comprehensive Package

Protein phosphorylation vs. ubiquitination in drug development

Membrane Proteins

IgM Antibody


Therapeutic Antibody Drug Discovery Planning


Western Blot Antibody Troubleshooting

How to make monoclonal antibodies

How to make polyclonal antibodies

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Antibody Validation

Antibody Blog

Antibody Drug Discovery Technical Resource

The History of Antibodies

Antibody Basics

Antibody Formats

Antibody Drug Discovery Overview

Target Identification and Validation

Antibody Drug Discovery Webinars

Protein Webinars

Hit Generation and Screening

Lead Selection and Optimization

Candidate Selection

Antibody Expression in E.coli

Transient vs. Stable Expression

Antibody Expression in Eukaryotic Hosts

Product Resources Center

Drug Discovery Research News

Antibody Technical FAQ

Protein Isolation and Electrophoresis

Endotoxin Kits

Molecular Biology Kits

Protein Analysis Library


Proteins Technical FAQ

Recombinant Protein News

Bioinformatics Tools

Molecular Biology Tools

Nucleic Acids and Protein Calculations

Codon Usage Frequence Table

Codon Table

Restriction Enzyme Map Analysis

Primer Design Tool

Glossary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Rare Codon Analysis Tools

Sequencing Primer Design- GenScript

Real-Time PCR Primer Design

Oligo Calculation Tool

Peptide Tools

Chart of Amino Acid Structure

Peptide Screening Tool

Peptide Molecular Weight Calculator

Amino Acid Code Table

Peptide Chemical Formula and Molecular Weight Calculator

Protein Tools

Learning Center

Brochures and Catalogs



Research Applications

CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing

Synthetic Biology

Protein Engineering

Therapeutic Antibodies

Venom Peptides

Senescence & Aging

Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Antibodies

Stem Cell Cytokines & Growth Factors

Stem Cell ORF Clones & siRNAs

Stem Cell Cellular Reagents

Labeling & Detection


Cancer Vaccines

Ebola Vaccines & Therapies

Research News Highlights

Reference Databases

GenEZ™ Gene Database

ProtBank™ Protein Database


Custom stable cell line applications


Designing high specificity CRISPR gRNA

The role of LC-MS in antibody drug discovery

HTP antibody screening for ADD

Integrated Antibody Drug Discovery

A Guide to CRISPR /Cas9 Delivery: How to Maximize Your Editing Efficiency

Development of a Potential Recombinant Protein Vaccine in E. Coli

Engineering Cell Behavior with Synthetic Biology

MonoRab™ Generating Rabbit mAbs with Better Affinity and Specificity for Challenging Targets

Tips of the Trade: Recombinant Protein Expression and Purification Techniques

Cell Penetrating Peptides in Cancer Therapy

Peptide or Protein, That is The Question: Antigen Strategy for Antibody Production

Understanding and Designing Flanking Homology DNA Assembly Experiments



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