GenScript’s ascites production service is available in nude and Balb/c mice, with a turnaround time of just 5 – 7 weeks. While the amount of purified antibodies obtained from 5 mice typically ranges between 5 – 50 mg, yield is greatly dependent on the productivity of each individual hybridoma cell line.

The MonoBoost™ Classic and Accelerated Packages use protein as the antigen because it is the gold standard when it comes to high-quality mAb production. Protein antigens result in mAbs that target multiple conformational epitopes of the target protein, maximizing the chances your antibody will work for a variety of applications. Need help expressing your protein antigen? We can do it for you with our MonoBoosts™ Premium Package! To get started, simply provide us with your target protein sequence; we will start with protein antigen production all the way to the monoclonal antibody generation. All MonoBoost™ packages come with Western blot and ELISA guarantees.

Service Detail

Cat. No. Service Package Name
SC2073 Ascites Production in 5 Balb/c mice
Low endotoxin ascites Production in 5 Balb/c mice
  • Each mouse provides 2-5 ml ascites, for up to 100 ml of sera or ascites fluid.
  • All in vivo manufactured antibodies are protein A/G purified.
  Description Time Line
Phase I: Cell line submission, recovery, and expansion

Customer submits:

  • 2 vials of frozen hybridoma cells
  • Culture medium recipe of submitted hybridoma cells
  • Name of species from which hybridoma cell line was derived
  • Production history of submitted hybridoma cell line (if available)

After the materials and information listed above have been received, the hybridoma cell line will be recovered and examined for contamination. If no contamination is detected, the cell line will be expanded to generate sufficient cells for mouse inoculation.

1-2 weeks
Phase II: Inoculation

Hybridoma cells will be injected into the mouse peritoneal cavity to commence ascites production.

2 – 3 weeks
Phase III: Harvest

Ascites fluids are harvested and clarified by centrifugation.

Clarified ascites are then aliquoted and immediately frozen or purified.

1 week

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Related Services

In addition to in vivo antibody scale up production using ascites fluid, GenScript also provides in vitro solutions including:

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