Antibodies are indispensable research tools that have enabled researchers across diverse scientific fields to specify, identify, locate and/or quantify their protein targets. As an award-winning custom antibody supplier with over 14,000 monoclonal and 110,000 polyclonal antibodies generated to date, GenScript offers comprehensive antibody development and production services. From antigen design through to custom antibody generation, our expert scientists and talented technical support team have got you covered all the way. On top of it, GenScript houses all rodents and rabbits for antibody generation in an OLAW and AAALAC internationally accredited animal facility.

Let Our Numbers Speak

18+ YearsAntibody Development Experience
>150,000Successful Projects Delivered
>5,000Contracted Organizations


Proprietary Technologies

Proprietary Technologies

Award-Winning Services

Award-Winning Services

One-stop Shop

One-stop Shop

PhD Level Technical Support

PhD Level Technical Support

Service Details

Site-Directed Mutagenesis Service
Polyclonal Antibody Services

Custom pAb services

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HTP Site-Directed Mutagenesis Service
Monoclonal Antibody Services

MonoBoost™ Fast Mouse mAb
MonoRab™ Rabbit mAb
Beacon Single B cell Sorting

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Gene Variant Libraries Services
Antibody Sequencing & Production

Antibody Sequencing
In vivo and in vitro antibody production

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Precision Mutant Libraries Service
Specialized Antibody Services

scFv Generation
Antibody Pairing
Antibody Modifications

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High-Throughput DNA Library Assembly Service
ELISA Kit Development

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General Workflow of Antibody Development

 icon antigen preparation


  • OptimumAntigen™ Antigen Design tool
  • Immunogen synthesis
icon animal immunization


  • Adjuvant Library
  • Multiple animal species
  • 6000m2 facility
  • OLAW and AAALAC internationally accredited
icon antibody screening


  • Experienced hybridoma technique platform
  • MonoRab™ B Cell Cloning and Beacon Single B Cell Sorting
icon antibody production


  • Affinity purification
  • Roller bottle and ascites antibody production
  • Antibody sequencing
  • Large-scale antibody production


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COVID-19 Reagents

On demand SARS-CoV-2 control mAbs ideal for diagnostics, therapeutic, and vaccine development!

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