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Polyclonal Antibody Services

Polyclonal Antibody Services Overview

Polyclonal Antibody Services Quotation

Our comprehensive polyclonal antibody services include production of custom polyclonal antibodies in mouse, rat, rabbit, SPF animals, and other species. GenScript provides one-stop solutions for your custom polyclonal antibody production, taking your project all the way from antigen design, peptide synthesis, and animal immunization, to antibody purification and QC with ELISA test. All our polyclonal antibodies are produced in an AAALAC International accredited and OLAW assured animal facility.

Our most popular PolyExpress™ Antibody packages deliver high quality antibodies in just 45 days (from order to delivery), 2 months faster than traditional immunization protocols.

Phospho-Specific Polyclonal Antibody Services

GenScript's customizable phospho-specific antibody services deliver polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies that specifically detect phosphorylated proteins from a complex mixture of proteins in cells, with a success rate of over 95%.

Standard Polyclonal Antibody Services

Our standardized polyclonal antibody services allow you to choose the production of custom polyclonal antibodies from a variety of host species including mouse, rat, and rabbit.

Specialized Antibody Services

GenScript offers antibody modification and other services including HRP-conjugation, fluoro-labeling, customizable antibody purification and modification, immunoassay development, as well as antibody drug development.

Polyclonal Antibody Scale-up Services

Our specialized polyclonal antibody scale up production, purification, and modification services sidestep the bottle neck of polyclonal antibody production. We can achieve any antibody quantity requirement with flexible scale-up options and multiple host animal choices.

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Polyclonal Antibody Services Quotation

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