Paired antibodies are two different antibodies generated against the same target, but with different binding regions or epitopes. Differential epitope recognition allows for simultaneous binding of both antibodies to the same target, making Sandwich ELISAs possible. Whether creating a monoclonal antibody pair, a polyclonal antibody pair, or a combination, GenScript's years of expertise in developing antibody pairs is at your disposal. Just a few applications that utilize paired antibodies are listed with their respective assay below:

Antibody Pairing Applications

Paired antibodies are a requirement for sandwich ELISAs. One antibody acts to capture the target and the other acts to detect it. This assay is a powerful tool used to quantify target analyte from complex samples across a myriad of fields. Just a few fields and their respective analytes are listed below:

Field Example Analyte(s)
Cancer CEA, PSA, EGF, DKK1
Autoimmune MMP-1, IL-16
Metabolic Disease CD-40, IL-6, TNF-α
Endocrine FSH, HPA, ANS
Infectious Disease Ebola, HIV, Adenovirus, Zika

The drug development field is also highly dependent upon antibody pairs in order to study pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of potential therapeutics.

Antibody Pairing Details

Antigen Options
  • GenScript synthesized protein (recommended)
  • Qualified customer provided antigen
Available Antibody
Pairing Formats
  • pAb/pAb
  • pAb/mAb
  • mAb/mAb
Choice of Host
Monoclonal Antibodies:
Mouse (Balb/c, C57BL6)
Polyclonal Antibodies:
(includes recombinant
protein expression)
  • 13 weeks for pAb only pairs
  • 16 weeks for pairs including mAb
  • Pre-immune serum
  • Protein Antigen
  • Antigen Affinity Purified Unlabeled Antibody
  • Antigen Affinity Purified Biotinylated Antibody
  • Hybridoma cell lines (mAb only)
  • Validated sandwich ELISA report

Antibody Pairing Strategy

While a match can be made to an existing antibody, we recommend generating antibody pairs concurrently. In this way the optimal antibody combination can be found empirically for every application. If you can foresee ever needing a paired antibody, save time, money, and effort by generating antibody pairs together from the start. GenScript works closely with customers to deliver satisfaction in any application.

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Looking for just one antibody? Our suite of services is sure to fit your needs. Provide us just your target sequence and choose from one of our top selling antibody services below:

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