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Custom Monoclonal Antibody Development

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Services

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Whether it's your first time developing a monoclonal antibody or you have exacting protocol requirements, GenScript provides comprehensive service packages for monoclonal antibody development at all levels of control. Our MonoExpress™ package carries industry leading application guarantees and delivers supernatants in just 45 days. Need a little more control? Our semi-custom package offers the flexibility of a custom service but with simplified protocol building blocks that adapt the service to your needs. For ultimate control, GenScript's fully-custom monoclonal antibody generation services offer ultimate control at every phase of the project, allowing you to modify, restart, or even cancel your project. Require antibodies with higher affinity/specificity? GenScript's MonoRab™ rabbit monoclonal antibody generation services can meet your specific needs as a better option for mouse mAb services.

We even offer specialized services including phospho specific antibodies, anti-idiotype antibodies and more. Use our selection guide below to see our complete range of services and decide which package is right for you.

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Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production Service Selection Guide

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Selection Guide

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Monoclonal Antibody Services Quotation

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Monoclonal Antibody Services

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