The antibody sequence information is essential for monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) engineering, function optimization, database banking, and patent application. Our ISO9001 certified Hybridoma antibody sequencing service is your reliable choice to speed up and facilitate therapeutic antibody leads discovery and development. Tailored to meet your particular requirements, option with customized specifications is offered for Hybridoma antibody sequencing services at GenScript.

Service Highlights

Antibody Figure 1


Avoid problems like gene loss & gene mutations, etc.

Antibody Figure 2


Accelerate Engineering work.

Antibody Figure 3

IP Protection

Patent the sequences of your unique variable domains

Antibody Figure 3


Batch-to-Batch consistency

Antibody Figure 3


Cut in half the timeline for resupply of ab

Antibody Figure 3


Avoid introduction of animal-soured materials to generate immune response

Antibody Sequencing Workflow

 Antibody Sequencing Workflow

Service Details

Service Turnaround Time DeliverablesUpgraded!
Hybridoma to sequence Leader sequence & variable domain sequencing 1 10 business days
  • Final sequence report with CDR annotated sequence data2 Free
  • Alignments of the heavy and light chains2Free
  • Sequencing plasmids containing antibody coding sequence2 (additional fees)
  • Expression construct containing antibody coding sequence of light/heavy chain2 New (additional fees)
Full length Hybridoma antibody sequencing 1 10 business days
NGS antibody sequencing 1 10 business days
  • DNA and Amino Acid sequences
  • CDR and FR region annotated by Kabat rules
  • Count number of top 10 sequences obtained by NGS
  • And More
Sequence to recombinant antibody 1 mg recombinant Ab expression & one-step purification 18 business days
  • Purified ab
  • QC report3
  • Expression level report
Antigen-rAb binding test by indirect ELISA 5 business days ELISA Binding report

1. Variable domain sequencing and full-length sequencing are available with discounts for batch orders. NGS sequencing packaged with our Mouse/Rabbit mAb and single B cell antibody discovery projects also offer special prices.
2. Upon your request
3. QC data includes A280 for Antibody concentration, and SDS-PAGE for purity assessment. Western Blot QC could be provided if requested with an extra fee charged.
4. Recombinant Ab expression is applicable to full length of human IgG1, human IgG4 and mouse IgG2 antibodies.

Sample Requirements

For sequencing services

Client will need to submit hybridoma cell samples (>1×106 cells) to GenScript.

For antigen-antibody binding confirmation service:

Client will need to submit 20 μg antigen (>85% purity, >0.4 mg/ml) in the buffer without SDS, CHAPS, TWEEN, TRITON and PMSF.
The client retains all rights to the sequence data and all related intellectual property.

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