Recombinant antibody expression in mammalian cells is crucial when post-translational modifications and appropriate folding are desired for downstream applications. Commonly, the top challenges of antibody expression projects are: 1) insufficient antibody yield 2) long time to completion, often taking several months 3) budget overruns. To lift up these bottlenecks, GenScript has launched its proprietary TurboCHO™ platform, which offers higher yield performance within a shorter time period. This cost-effective production system enables small to large-scale (microgram to kilogram) antibody production with a high level of consistency, making it an excellent complement for target discovery, pre-evaluation pipelines, and overall providing added value to users.

In addition, GenSmart™ Codon Optimization, an industry-standard free codon optimization tool, facilitates designing your gene sequence to maximize the possibility of obtaining functional antibodies through the TurboCHO™ expression system.


Industry-leading Timeline, starting at 5 BDs
Industry-leading Timeline, starting at 5 BDs
Outstanding Capability for Complex Protein
Advanced Expression Optimization Technology
Multiple Isotypes
Capacity for large inserts > 400kDa


TurboCHO™ SmartQuote Tool

AI-Powered Sequence Review, Instant Quote, Easy to Order

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TurboCHOTM Antibody Expression in Singapore
Upgraded to 2.0 Version

From gene synthesis to antibody delivery starting at 8 BDs

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High Throughput
Upgraded to 2.0 Version

Designed for high-throughput screening, starting at 5 BDs

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Upgraded to 2.0 Version

Yield up to gram, starting at 10 BDs

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High Performance

Yield up to kg, from 6-7 weeks

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TurboCHOTM Stable Cell Pool & Cell Line

High expression level with ECACC-licensed CHO-K1 cell

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Succeed with seamless CHO expression systems, from Start to Finish.

TurboCHO™ HT
(High Throughput)
(Upgraded to 2.0 Version)
(Upgraded to 2.0 Version)
TurboCHO™ HP
(High Performance)
Requested Protein Amount Up to 5 mg Up to 1g 1 g to Kilograms
Production Time Starting From Gene Synthesis Starts from 5 BDs Starts from 10 BDs 6 ~ 7 weeks
Deliverables Target Purity ≥ 90%
Target Endotoxin Level ≤ 1 EU/mg
Target Purity: Antibody ≥ 95%
Target Endotoxin Level ≤ 0.5 EU/mg
Target Purity: Antibody ≥ 95%
Target Endotoxin Level: ≤ 1 EU/mg
Additional Services LC-MS, ELISA, Cell based assay, FACS screening, Octet® BLI assay, Biacore™ SPR assay, etc.

This customized solution applies to all types of proteins, antibody species, isotypes, and fragments.
All incoming projects are subjected to evaluation.
Additional QC and characterizations are offered with an extra charge upon request.
Pilot expression evaluation can be requested for CHO-Express/HP.
The 5/10 business days are decided from sequence evaluation.

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