Our technical account managers, all with PhDs, will help you custom design the optimal protocol to meet your specific requirements. With GenScript's fully custom monoclonal antibody generation services, you are in control of every stage, deciding how to respond to results mid-project. You can evaluate and modify your approach, restart an entire phase, or terminate the project if you are not completely satisfied. Don't risk commitment of time and money to a rigid protocol when our fully custom monoclonal antibody generation service offers the ultimate flexibility. Partnering with GenScript's years of expertise can help you find success in your custom antibody development.

Service Details

Fully Custom Monoclonal Antibody Generation Services (SC2045)

Phase Service Options Deliverables *Mid-project
Phase-specific Options
Approximate Time (weeks)
Phase I

  • MonoBoost™ protocol or conventional protocol (4 months longer)
  • ImmunoPlus Technology
  • DNA Immunization
  • Animals: BALB/c mice, C57BL6 mice, or rats
  • Number of animals immunized
  • Test bleed report
    (optional: total serum protein delivery)
  • Modify immunization
  • Proceed with selected animals for fusion.
Phase II

Cell Fusion and Screening
  • Indirect ELISA screening and WB validation
  • Capture ELISA
  • Competitive ELISA
  • FACS screening
  • Counter screening
  • Additional screening options available
  • Parental supernatant report or 2 mL supernatants
  • Alter screening
  • Select ~5-10 clones which proceed to subcloning.
Phase III

Subcloning, Screening, and Expansion
  • 2 vials of up to 10 hybridoma cell lines
  • 5 mL sub-clone supernatant
  • Purified Antibodies
  • FREE cell banking at GenScript for 6 months.
  • Scale-up production
  • Continue with other
    services: antibody screening, rAb production, etc.

Antibody Generation at its Best

Learn why hybridoma technology is preferred for high quality antibody generation, and see how it compares to other antibody generation methods!

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If you would like to provide your own antigen, please fill out the Antigen Submission Form and mail it together with your antigen to:

  • Antibody Services, GenScript, USA.
  • 860 Centennial Ave.
  • Piscataway, NJ 08854, US.

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Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours Monday through Friday. You may contact us anytime for assistance. Orders can be placed online, over the phone, by email or fax. Please have your payment information (credit card, purchase order or bank information) ready.

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