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Have GenScript Custom Antibodies Generated Quality Data in Your Experiments? OR Are You Looking for a New Provider of Highly Specific Custom Antibodies?

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Antibody Production Services

custom antibody production service quotation

GenScript offers high quality custom antibody production services by combining cutting edge technologies with proprietary innovations. Since 2004, we have produced over 14,000 custom antibodies. In addition to custom antibody production services, our diverse custom antibody service portfolio includes: antibody conjugation, fragmentation, sequencing, scale-up, immunoassay development, and antibody drug development. Choose your desired custom antibody production services below, and should you have any questions, our technical specialists are available 24/7 to help.

Monoclonal Antibody Services

MonoExpress™ mAb Services
Semi-custom mAb
Fully-custom mAb Services
MonoRab™ Rabbit mAb Services

  Polyclonal Antibody Services

PolyExpress™ pAb Services
PolyTD™ pAb Services
Phospho-Specific Ab Services

Antibody Drug Discovery Services

DNA Immunization Services
Anti-idiotype Antibody Services
Hybridoma Generation for Therapeutic Antibody Discovery

  Recombinant Antibody Services

Transient Expression, Gram-Level Stable
, FragPower™ Ab Fragments,
HT Gene to Ab Services

Other Antibody Services

Scale-up Antibody Services,
Antibody Fluorescent Labeling,
Antibody Pairing,
Modifications & Conjugation,
Immunoassay development

  Resources, Technology and References

Webinars, Technology & Protocols,
Publications, FAQ, News, Application Notes

Why choose GenScript for your custom antibody production solutions?

Antibody Production Services

Quotation and Ordering

Antibody Production Services Order Process