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Protein expression is almost universally used by research groups for a variety of purposes. There are three main expression systems, Bacteria, Baculovirus/insect, and Mammalian cells, available today giving researchers enough choice to find the best system for their specific application. As a leading provider of a comprehensive suite of recombinant protein and antibody services across different expression systems, GenScript seeks to partner with scientists worldwide to accelerate scientific discovery. Our proprietary GenSmart™ Codon Optimization and newly launched TurboCHO™ expression platform ensure the delivery of high-yield and purity products in a flexible, cost-effective manner in the least amount of time. Our expert scientists and dedicated technical account managers are invested in helping to maximize the success of your research projects and will guide you every step of the way.

To better align with with the essential requirement of quality management for the development and manufacture of Antibody and Protein used for IVD medical devices, GenScript has completed our registration to ISO 13485:2016 standard.

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NEWLY Launched TurboCHO™ System
NEWLY Launched TurboCHOTM System

NEWLY Launched TurboCHOTM System

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TurboCHO™ High Throughput
High Throughput

Designed for high-throughput screening, as fast as 5 BDs

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TurboCHO™ Express

Yield up to gram, starting at 2 weeks

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TurboCHO™ High Performance
High Performance

Yield up to kg, from 6-7 weeks

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Expression System Comparison

The features of a target protein inform which expression system is best suited for the expression of that protein, and it is important to identify the correct system for protein expression based on these criteria. These specific features include sequence and structure as well as activity, function, folding, and post-translational modifications (PTMs).

Bacterium Insect Mammalian
Prokaryotic protein expression +++ + +
Eukaryotic protein without PTM +++ +++ +++
Eukaryotic protein with PTM - ++ +++
PTM, folding + +++ +++
PTM, glycosylation - ++ +++
PTM, phosphorylation - ++ +++
Turnaround time Short Long Long
Cost Low Middle Middle
Yield (mg/L) Range from 1-5 mg/l with an average level 3 mg/l Range from 0.2-50 mg/l with an average level 1 mg/l Range from 1-1000 mg/l with an average level 50 mg/l for antibody, 3 mg/l for protein
Recommended applications Antigen protein, Protein standards, Functional proteins Proteins with glycosylation, Assay standards, Secreted form Functional study, PTM study, Assay standards, Characterization
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Gram level, ready to ship RBD proteins / ACE2 assay cell lines and pseudovirus

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