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Customized protein

BacPower™ Customized Protein Service (SC1318)

Customized Protein Service

Recombinant protein production is not always easy and straightforward. Certain classes of proteins such as membrane proteins, toxins, and ion channel proteins, are difficult to express. As many factors can impact protein expression and purification, the optimization process is usually labor intensive and time consuming. To address some of the uncertainties and challenges associated with expression optimization and target protein scale up, GenScript offers cutting-edge solutions by leveraging its expertise in providing custom bacterial expression services.

GenScript does not use a one-size-fits-all approach to protein production. Because every protein is different, every step of the process is treated uniquely; right from codon optimization to gene synthesis to small scale testing and scale up, leading up to protein purification and characterization. GenScript's unique "plug and play" model offers customers the desired flexibility in picking and choosing a service that fits their requirements. GenScript scientists work very closely with customers to keep them apprised of project progress while taking into account all customer goals and with sensitivity to their budgetary requirements and confidentiality. GenScript Production Scientists have successfully delivered more than 6000 batches of recombinant proteins using an advanced BacPower™ bacterial expression system and the proprietary FoldArt™ protein refolding technology (if required). Aggregate project success rate is >92%. Proteins purified include kinases, cytokines, antibodies and a variety of difficult targets including trans-membrane proteins, ion channels etc. See schematic below.

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BacPower™ Customized Protein Service Advantages

The table below illustrates our comprehensive service offerings

Gene Synthesis Subcloning Expression Optimization Pilot scale protein
expression and purification
Protein Refolding Tag Removal
SDS-PAGE & Western Blot HPLC Mass Spec LC-MS/MS coverage Size-Exclusion Chromatography N-terminal sequencing
Endotoxin Removal Multiple-Step Protein Purification Isotope-Labeled Protein Production Large-Scale Protein Production Protocol Transfer Protein Activity Assay

If you have 2 or more proteins and would like to bundle them to get a discounted price on guaranteed E. coli expression service, check out our BacPower™ Duplex Service. If you don't have 2 or more proteins for bundling but would still like a guaranteed service try BacPower™ - our guaranteed standard bacterial protein expression service that allows single-protein orders. For any large scale protein production requirements, you could try our fully customizable E. coli fermentation services.

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Customized protein

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