GenScript TurboCHO™ SmartQuote Tool is powered by AI and offers instant quotes and easy order processing. The Tool lends convenience and efficiency to our antibody discovery and expression partners. After you upload the antibody sequences, the Tool will evaluate the sequences and provide the verification results. If all sequences are good to go, you will get the quote instantly, without the need for prolonged back-and-forth communications.

Starting at 5 business days, our cost-effective and high-yield antibody expression is backed up by GenScript proprietary TurboCHO™ platform, allowing for a shorter time period.

Can’t wait to have a try? Click “Order Now” below to start your journey! You can also check our tutorial video under “How It Works” for more operation information.


TurboCHO™ antibody expression

TurboCHO™ antibody expression

  • Industry-leading timeline, starting at 5 BDs
  • High-throughput antibody expression
TurboCHO™ SmartQuote Tool

TurboCHO™ SmartQuote Tool

  • Automatic antibody sequence evaluation
  • Instant quote & easy order
New functions coming soon

New functions coming soon

  • AI-powered developability assessment
  • Antibody format design

How It Works

Order & Tracking Process Workflow

Tutorial video

Looking for more than just a workflow?
Check out our tutorial video to learn how to quickly order and track antibodies using TurboCHO™ SmartQuote Tool.


Check out the online ordering guidebook for detailed order process information of various service packages.

Great news! Amazing offers await your antibody expression orders on TurboCHO™ SmartQuote Tool. Click here to learn more!



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