Stable CHO-K1 cell pools/lines are commonly created using recombinant DNA technology, where a foreign gene is introduced into the cells, and selective pressure is applied to enrich for cells that have incorporated and stably express the foreign gene. This approach offers several advantages over transient expression systems, including consistent protein supply, reduced variability between batches, and scalability to industrial levels. However, some next-generation biotherapeutics are difficult to express at desired quantities in CHO cells, which led to the establishment of the TurboCHO™ stable cell pool/cell line expression platform by GenScript. This platform, coupled with AI-powered GenSmart™ codon optimization system and optimized fed-batch culture process, provides high expression levels for high-quality recombinant protein/antibody with fast turnaround times. The expression results are comparable with the TurboCHO™ transient expression platform (TurboCHO™ HT & TurboCHO™ Express), offering more flexible choices from small to large scale during the discovery timeline.

TurboCHO stable cell pool and cell line workflow



High Expression Level

  • Average expression level (Fc-related antibody): Cell pool: 1.6~2.0 g/L; Cell line: 2.7~3.0 g/L

License-Agreed Cell

  • ECACC-licensed CHO-K1 cell
  • Flexible payments based on milestones

High-Quality Products

  • High purity antibodies
  • Customized QC tests

Service Details

Service Details Timeline Deliverables
Phase I: Plasmid & Cell line preparation
Codon optimization & plasmid construction 2 wks Top clones/pools (2 vials, 1×107 cells/ml, 1mL/vial)
Stable cell pool generation (including transfection, screening, selection) 8 wks
Stable cell line generation (including transfection, screening, single clone selection and cryopreservation) (optional) 4-6 wks
Fed-batch culture and expression titer (for IgG-like antibodies and Fc-fusion proteins) determination, QC for cell pool/line 2 wks Report with mycoplasma test and expression titer
Phase II: Scale-up expression and purification
1L fed-batch cell expression & one-step purification 2-3 wks
  • Purified antibody
  • CoA Report (SEC-HPLC, endotoxin)
Option: N liter fed-batch cell expression & one-step purification Depends on scale
  • Purified antibody
  • CoA Report (SEC-HPLC, endotoxin)

1. GenScript will cryopreserve 2 vials of the top stable cell line for further scaling-up (excluding the cell stocks to be delivered) for 12 months with no extra charge. GenScript offers an optional extension package of storage service for frozen cell stocks.
2. Developed cell lines and proteins produced by corresponding cells in this proposal are limited to Research Use. A new license agreement is needed if the client would like to use the developed cell line and produced proteins for commercial purposes.

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