Customized enzyme development is a specialized field within biotechnology and bioengineering that focuses on designing and engineering enzymes to perform specific functions or catalyze specific reactions with high efficiency and selectivity. GenScript offers a state-of-the-art, comprehensive enzyme development platform encompassing AI-driven enzyme design, high-throughput screening of enzyme candidates, cell banking, cell culture process optimization, purification process optimization, formulation development, analytical method development, stability assessment, and scalable production.

Customized enzyme development faces challenges in optimizing enzyme activity, stability, and specificity. At GenScript, we employ our enzyme development platform to transform enzyme performance, adapting it to meet rigorous requirements in various applications and processes. Our strategy leverages advanced machine learning tools with complex molecular, cellular, and bioanalytical processes. This holistic approach guides us in the precise design, comprehensive screening, and meticulous analysis of vast libraries containing thousands of enzyme variants, all conducted at high throughput. Each variant undergoes rigorous sequencing, facilitating the identification of relationships between its genetic sequence and its functional performance. In addition to enzyme development, we also offer scalable production using the E. coli expression system. GenScript boasts a wealth of experience and a proven track record, having successfully delivered over 50,000 batches of recombinant proteins, achieving exceptional yields at cost-effective rates.


Guaranteed Enzyme Activity

Enzyme Activity

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AI-Powered Enzyme Design

Enzyme Design

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Service Details

1. Candidates Screening (HTP Mini Scale)
2. Candidates Screening (Small Scale)
3. Cell Banking
4. Upstream Process Development
5. Downstream Process Development
6. Analytical Methods Development
7. Formulation Development
8. Stability Assessment
9. Scale-Up Production

1. Candidates Screening (HTP Mini Scale)

Candidates Screening (HTP Mini Scale)
  • High-Throughput Protein Expression

    Expression Volume: 4-50mL
    Capacity: 700 samples/week

  • Expression Level Evaluation

    Evaluate protein expression level and solubility

  • Primary Activity Test

    Enzyme activity can be tested in crude material or with low purity

2. Candidates Screening (Small Scale)

Candidates Screening (Small Scale)
  • Small-Scale Protein Expression

    Expression Volume: 1L (Flask) or 5L (Fermenter)
    Capacity: 200 samples/week

  • Yield & Quality Evaluation

    Yield and quality data after purification

  • Activity Test

    Some impurities affect the performance of enzyme candidates
    Performance of some candidates need to be confirmed again at small scale

3. Cell Banking

Cell Banking
  • High Expression Level Stain Construction

    Vector and strain screening,and codon optimization

  • Cell banking

    PCB, MCB, and WCB Construction

  • Stability test of cell bank

    Stability After 10-50 Generations of WCB,plasmid loss rate,expression level will be tested

  • Phage Test of WCB

    Use Double-Layer Agar (DLA) technique to test phage of master cell bank and working cell bank.

  • Long-Term Viability Test of WCB

    The viability and expression level of the working cell banks will be tested termly to determine the storage time.

4. Upstream Process Development

Upstream Process Development
  • Cell Culture Process Development

    Expression Volume: 20-500L (Fermenter);
    Fermentation Process: High density; Cell Density (OD 600) > 200

  • Fermentation Process Validation (> 3 batches)

5. Downstream Process Development

Downstream Process Development
  • Purification Process Development

    His tag or tag-free protein; HPLC purity: up to 99%;
    Endotoxin level: <1Eu /mg; Yield: Up to 15g/L)

  • Purification Process Validation (> 3 batches)

6. Analytical Methods Development

Analytical Methods Development
  • Concentration: A280; Bradford
  • Activity: molecular biology enzyme; IVD enzymes; synthesis biology enzymes
  • Residual: HCP; HCD; Nuclease; Endotoxin; metal; Mycoplasma

7. Formulation Development

Formulation Development
  • Storage Buffer Selection

    The performance of buffer candidates will be tested under stress condition, and check purity or activity at some points

  • Freeze-Thaw Test

    Freeze-thaw test by 10 times

  • Lyophilization

8. Stability Assessment

Stability Assessment
  • Stress Test

    Two stress conditions, check purity or activity 4 times in one month

  • Accelerated Test

    Two accelerated conditions, check purity or activity 3 times in 6 month

  • Long-Term Stability Test

    Under storage condition, check purity or activity 9 times in 24 month

  • Shipping Condition Test

    Shipping condition confirmation

9. Scale-Up Production

Scale-Up Production
  • 300L-20,000L fermenter
  • 5m2 lyophilizer
  • Follow the developed SOP
  • Tracible batch record
  • Validated Consistency

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Q: What is the typical timeline for developing and delivering customized enzymes?

A: The timeline varies depending on the complexity of the project and the specific requirements. However, we aim to provide efficient and timely solutions, often delivering customized enzymes within a matter of months.

Q: What role does machine learning play in your enzyme development process?

A: Machine learning is integral to our platform, enabling us to analyze vast datasets, identify patterns, and predict enzyme behavior. This helps us design enzymes with improved properties more efficiently

Q: How does GenScript handle intellectual property and confidentiality concerns when collaborating on enzyme development projects?

A: We take intellectual property and confidentiality seriously. Our collaboration agreements include provisions to protect your interests and ensure that sensitive information remains confidential. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct in our collaborations

Q: What production scale can you accommodate for customized enzymes, and how do you ensure consistency at different production scales?

A: We can scale up production to meet your specific needs, whether it's for research-scale quantities or large industrial volumes. Our rigorous quality control processes ensure consistency in enzyme production regardless of scale.

Q: How does GenScript stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in enzyme development and biotechnology?

A: We have a dedicated research and development team that continuously monitors the latest advancements in the field. We also collaborate with leading experts and academic institutions to stay at the forefront of enzyme development and biotechnology innovations

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