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MolecularCloud Plasmid Repository

We are excited to announce that GenScript will soon launch the MolecularCloud, a free plasmid-sharing platform enabling scientists to manage their own plasmid repositories while having the logistics handled by an industry leader. The MolecularCloud aims to foster innovation by creating an open sharing environment with maximized convenience and minimized restrictions. As a research solution, the MolecularCloud will offer everything from plasmid access and smart clone design to simple online management.

MolecularCloud Plasmid Repository gladly introduces the option to share your plasmids under the Open Material Transfer Agreement (OpenMTA). The OpenMTA is a simple standardized legal tool that enables individuals and organizations to share their materials on an open basis. It allows your work to be translated to a wider application in both academia and industry at a lower cost compared to traditional Materials Transfer Agreements. Along with the BioNet exchange framework, the MolecularCloud will make plasmids shared under the OpenMTA available to the entire scientific community, giving your work the best chance to used and recognized.

At the MolecularCloud, you have the freedom of choosing to distribute materials under either the Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement (UBMTA) or the OpenMTA.

**The OpenMTA is the collaborative work of both the BioBricks Foundation and the OpenPlant Initiative. For additional information on the OpenMTA please visit OpenMTA.org.

MolecularCloud Plasmid Repository Choice

The Choice is Yours

You can choose whether to share plasmids under UBMTA or OpenMTA. You select it, we facilitate it.

MolecularCloud Plasmid Repository Deposit and Sharing is Easy and Free

Deposit and Sharing is Easy and Free

Let us store, share and take care of your valuable molecular biology materials. No fees associated.

MolecularCloud Plasmid Repository More Opportunities for Collaboration

More Opportunities for Collaboration

We connect you with more collaborative opportunities with institutions and researchers around the world.

The GenScript Advantage

For Depositors

Make your work more visible

Highlight your work to researchers around the world with GenScript’s broad global customer base. Increase the chances of having your work seen, built upon, and cited.

Make your plasmids more accessible

Benefit the scientific community by offering wider access of your materials with the OpenMTA and the BioNet exchange framework. Make your work accessible by scientists in both academia and industry.

A convenient solution

We handle the burden of storing, archiving, and distributing your plasmids. Enjoy a free storage and distribution solution with the highest QC standard and archive procedures to better manage your research materials.

Easy plasmid management

Manage your plasmids, parts, clone designs, libraries, materials sharing, and requests with a simple click. Keep track of how your plasmids are used and recognized by other researchers.

Get rewarded

Enjoy the benefits of our Reward Program, and receive account credit per plasmid deposit. These credits can be used towards any of our downstream services or catalog products!

For Requestors

All-in-one molecular biology solution

Have unlimited access to an expanding plasmids and parts library, as well as our comprehensive downstream services as a one-stop solution to save time and costs.

Making your research easy

Benefit from our intuitive clone design interface, a broad spectrum of services and products from gene synthesis, protein expression to antibody development production, assisting with all of your research needs.

Easy access with less limitations

With the OpenMTA option, enjoy convenient and unrestricted access to plasmid resources and allow your research to be used in wider applications, to benefit the entire scientific community.

Easy sharing of your constructs

Manage your plasmid searches, plasmid requests, clone designs, clone orders and produced constructs using the online management center. Whenever you are ready, share your constructs with one click.

Outstanding customer Service

Our account managers and service representatives are here to guide you through the process; from plasmid requests, construct design and beyond.