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MolecularCloud Plasmid Sharing Platform

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MolecularCloud Plasmid Repository

The MolecularCloud is a free platform where scientists have the tools to facilitate their research. The plasmid repository gives scientists the convenience of sharing and modifying plasmids within the same setting. Along with a streamlined way to share and manage your vectors, the MolecularCloud is not just a repository but a comprehensive platform to handle all of your research needs.

Check out and hear from our Depositors

Dr. Changhao Bi

The MolecularCloud saves researchers time with plasmids requests and access to downstream modifications together, that makes research more efficient.

Dr. Jonathan Coren

The depositing process was very easy. I wanted to share my plasmids on the MolecularCloud, with their international base, to the scientific community.

  • Roger Innes

    Indiana University Bloomington
  • Zakaria Hmama

    McGill University
  • Bradley D. Olsen

    Massachusetts Institute of
  • Jonathon Coren

    Elizabethtown College
  • Changhao Bi

    Tianjin Institute of Industrial
  • Qing Zhong

    University of Texas Southwestern
    Medical Center