GenEZ™ Mini ORF libraries represent curated groupings of key genes in diseases and cell signaling pathways. Unlike large cDNA libraries that may contain partial or mutated sequences, mini ORF libraries are delivered as fully sequence verified, ready-to-express clones. Choose one of our curated collection or cherry-pick your own set. Prices start at $495 (price is pre-tax, pre-shipping price based on selection of 5- $99 cherry-picked in-stock clones, each < 3 kb in standard vector). The genes in each library are selected on the basis of scientific relevance and in-stock status.

The BRCA1 Mini ORF Library contains the genes below:

Gene Symbol GenScript CloneID Accession No.
ATF1 OHu20741 NM_005171
ATR OHu09808 NM_012241
BACH1 OHu16543 NM_206866
BARD1 OHu22612 NM_000465
BRCA1 OHu18572 NM_007294
CHEK1 OHu27012 NM_001114122
CHEK2 OHu23360 NM_007194
E2F1 OHu13716 NM_005225
FANCC OHu22897 NM_000136
GADD45 OHu19958 NM_001924
MRE11A OHu19642 NM_005591
NBN OHu25559 NM_002485
POU2F1 OHu10207 NM_002697
TP53 OHu20059 NM_000546
PLK1 OHu20312 NM_005030
RAD51 OHu21153 NM_002875
RB1 OHu25417 NM_000321
STAT1 OHu15845 NM_139266
VCP OHu23913 NM_007126


100% sequence-perfect clones delivered with chromatograms

10 μg of plasmid DNA for each clone