GenEZ ORF cDNA clones and custom molecular clones take the hassle out of traditional cloning. Our ORF cDNA clones come as protein-coding, expression-ready genes in vectors tagged for protein detection and purification. With over 2 million cDNA clones, our database is the largest commercial searchable ORF cDNA clone database available. Our database is synchronized with GeneBank on a monthly basis to ensure you have access to the latest version of the ORF cDNA clones. GenEZ™ custom clones are synthesized according to your custom sequence specifications. Both GenEZ™ cDNA and custom clones are fully sequence-verified and can be cloned into any vector of your choice.

ORF cDNA Clones
  • Latest version
  • Next-day shipping
  • Full-sequence verified
  • Over 2 million capacity
ORF cDNA Mutant Clones
  • Customized mutagenesis on any ORF cDNA clone
  • Diversity mutation models – from $99
Custom Molecular Clones
  • Custom any ORF cDNA clone into your choice vector
ORF cDNA clone collections
  • Value collection package for screening assays based on signaling pathways or gene families (Human)
  • Species-specific collections (non-human, mouse & rat)


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