GenScript Monofinity A Resin

Process Scale Antibody Purification

GenScript Monofinity A Resin

GenScript Monofinity A Resin

GenScript's Monofinity A Resin™ is made of a novel recombinant protein A ligand that has a high specific binding capacity to the Fc region of immunoglobulin molecules and enhances chemical stability under Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) conditions. Monofinity A Resin™ has several benefits such as high-flow agarose base, low non-specific binding and better dynamic binding capacity than similar products from other major vendors.

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Ordering information

Cat. No.
Product Name
L00433-55 Monofinity A Resin Prepacked Column 5mlx5
5 ml prepacked x 5
L00433-51 Monofinity A Resin Prepacked Column 5mlx1
5 ml prepacked x 1
L00433-5 Monofinity A Resin
5 L
L00433-25 Monofinity A Resin
25 ml
L00433-200 Monofinity A Resin
200 ml
L00433-15 Monofinity A Resin Prepacked Column 1mlx5
1 ml prepacked x 5
L00433-11 Monofinity A Resin Prepacked Column 1mlx1
1 ml prepacked x 1
L00433-10 Monofinity A Resin
10 L
L00433-1 Monofinity A Resin
1 L

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Monofinity A Resin™

Protein A affinity chromatography resin is the most commonly applied tool for the isolation and purification of IgG. Protein A is a cell wall component found in several strains of Staphylococcus aureus . It has five high affinity binding sites capable of binding specifically to the Fc region of immunoglobulin molecules from several species. Covalently immobilized Protein A matrices have been extensively used to purify IgG from several species of mammals.

  • Novel Protein A ligand withstands CIP procedures with 0.1 to 0.5 M NaOH
  • Easy CIP, reduces the contamination and impurity level
  • Consistent performance with extremely low ligand leakage
  • Dynamic binding capacity over 30 mg/ml under experimental condition
  • Can be used for commercial manufacture of monoclonal antibodies
  • Significantly reduces overall process costs


Product Name
Monofinity A Resin
Highly cross-linked 4% agarose 
Average Particle Size
Alkali-tolerant recombinant protein A (E. coli)
Dynamic Binding
Capacity (DBC)
30 mg human lgG/ ml
(4 min RT with sample hIgG concentration at 5 mg/ ml)
Ligand Leakage
<10 ng/ mg
Pressure/Flow Specification
0.3 MPa/ ~1200 cm/ h
Recommended Flow Rate
50 to 300 cm/ h
Chemical Stability
Stable in all commonly used buffers
pH Working Range
CIP Stability
0.1-0.5M NaOH
20% Ethanol, 2-8 ℃



Lane M: Protein Standard
Lane 1: Purified antibody under reducing
Lane 2: Purified antibody under non-reducing               conditions

Figure 1. Electrophoresis of humanized IgG purified from cell culture supernatant by Monofinity A Resin

Dynamic Binding Capacity Performance

Figure 2. Dynamic binding capacity (DBC) versus sample concentration

Figure 3. Dynamic binding capacity (DBC) versus residence time

Figure 4. Breakthrough curve with 5mg/ ml hIgG

Protein A Leaching

Figure 5. Protein A leakage measured at different cycles of CIP (4 batches)

Stability & Storage

Figure 6. Dynamic binding capacity stability of Monofinity A Resin for 200 cycles of CIP (0.1M-0.5 M NaOH)

Figure 7. Shelf life of Monofinity A Resin under different storage conditions