Tagged Protein Purification MagBeads

Ni-charged or Glutathione MagBeads Workflow

6xHistidine and Glutathione S-transferase (GST) are commonly used protein/peptide tags added to the end of a recombinant protein to aid in their purification or detection. GenScript Ni-Charged MagBeads and Glutathione MagBeads provide simple, rapid and reliable methods for micro-scale purification of His- and GST-tagged fusion proteins from crude cell lysate prepared from bacteria, yeast or mammalian cell culture.

The Ni-Charged MagBeads are pre-charged with nickel and ready to use for micro-scale purification of 6xHis-tagged proteins under native or denaturing conditions. The Glutathione MagBeads are immobilized with Glutathione mainly through its central carbon on the beads surface for efficient GST binding. All the protocols are easily performed by applying the magnetic separation technology. They do not require the use of columns or centrifugation and all the steps take place in a single tube. The MagBeads can be used in very small volumes to acquire high concentrated target proteins. All the advantages make Ni-Charged MagBeads and Glutathione MagBeads the ideal tools for micro-scale purification of His- and GST- tagged fusion protein.


  Fig.2. Purification of GST Tag and His-tagged Protein using GenScript Micro-scale Tagged Protein Purification MagBeads. Lane M, Protein Molecular Weight Standard. Lane 1, Bacterial lysate expressing GST Tag. Lane 2, Purified GST Tag (26kDa) using Glutathione MagBeads. Lane 3, Bacterial lysate expressing His-tagged protein. Lane 4, Purified His-tagged protein (27kDa) using Ni-charged MagBeads.


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L00295 Ni-charged MagBeads
8 ml
L00327 Glutathione MagBeads
8 ml
L00424 Streptavidin MagBeads
2 ml

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