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ToxinSensor™ Chromogenic LAL Endotoxin Assay Kit

ToxinSensor™ Chromogenic LAL Endotoxin Assay Kit

Genscript ToxinSensor™ Chromogenic LAL Endotoxin Assay Kit is designed to be a quantitative In Vitro end-point endotoxin test for human and animal parenteral drugs, biological products, and medical devices.The system is not intended for detection of endotoxin in a licensed reagent, clinical samples or the diagnosis of human disease. A measurable endotoxin concentration range from 0.01 to 1 EU/ml can be achieved. Lyophilized Amebocyte Lysate reagent is made from amebocyte lysate from the horseshoe crab (Tachypleus tridentatus).

Starting from Sept. 2020, the kit is divided into two boxes.
The new L00350 is packed as L00350 and L00350Y, and the new L00350C is packed as L00350C and L00350CY.
All of them ship at room temperature.
L00350 & L00350C store at RT, and L00350Y & L00350CY should be kept refrigerated.

Key Features
    Highly Sensitive: Detect endotoxin concentration in the range of 0.01 - 1 EU/ml
    Fast: The incubation period can be shortened to 14 minutes
    Reliable: Color-stabilizer ensures accurate results
    Ready-to-use: Kit includes endotoxin-free tips and tubes, LAL reagent water and incubation rack
    Broad application: Quantitative in vitro end-point endotoxin test

Storage The kit should be stored dry at room temperature for up to one month. For longer storage, the kit can be kept at 2–8°C for up to 24 months. Do not freeze the kit or any of its components.

  • ToxinSensor™ Chromogenic LAL Endotoxin Assay Kit
  • ToxinSensor™ Chromogenic LAL Endotoxin Assay Kit

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The packaging for this kit has been updated. A L00350Y will show up with L00350,  and a L00350CY will show up with L00350C in your shopping cart when added.

Cat. No. L00350
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