Peptides created through GenScript's OptimumAntigen Design Program are optimized using the industry's most advanced antigen design algorithm. Each peptide is measured against several protein databases to confirm the desired epitope specificity. Benefits of using the OptimumAntigen Design Tool include avoidance of unexposed epitopes, ability to specify desired cross-reactivity, strong antigenicity of chosen peptide, identification of the best conjugation and presentation options for your desired assay(s), use of built in peptide tutorial for synthesis and solubility, and guaranteed immune response.

Algorithm Criteria and Strategy

The following criteria are considered to optimize the likelihood of surface exposure and antigenicity:

  • Sequence length
  • Hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity, surface orientation and flexibility
  • Continuous vs. discontinuous epitopes
  • Secondary structure regions (ex. alpha-helix, beta-sheet and beta-turn)
  • Avoidance of specific sequence motifs (ex. RGD motif, helix-loop-helix sequence, GTP binding site, SH2 domains)
  • Epitope analysis and coupling strategy
  • Incorporation of existing commercial software packages including MacVector, DNAStar, and PC-Gene to increase algorithm success rate

Guaranteed Immune Response

  • Polyclonal antibody with ELISA titer of 1:128,000 when produced in rabbits
  • Two positive clones for monoclonal antibody development
  • If guarantees are not met, we will restart the project free of charge until guarantees are met
antigen design and antibody produce

Designing the optimal synthetic peptide antigen is a crucial first step towards producing high quality custom antibodies. If you're struggling with choosing the best antigen for generating a custom antibody, our proven Peptide Antigen Database can help! Find the optimal peptide antigen for your protein of interest today.

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