Antibody Discovery via Beacon Single B Cell Sorting

Single B cell cloning or sorting technology is a popular microsystem-based screening method that is increasingly being adopted throughout the field of antibody discovery. The Beacon platform (by Berkeley Lights) harnesses the latest optofluidics technology, and combines the isolation, screening and evaluation of B cells on a chip, with the integration of high throughput platforms for assay screening.


Cutting edge tech to maximize your chance of finding your desired A

Cutting edge tech to maximize your chance of finding your desired Ab

Fast track

Fast track antibody discovery to shorten your time investment

High diversity, high specificity

High diversity, high specificity reagent antibodies

Service Details

antibody discovery via single b cell workflow
Milestones Description Time
Phase I
Animal Immunization
Animal immunization and starting material preparation Express immunization: 4 weeks
Conventional immunization: 8-10 weeks
Phase II
PBMC Isolation & B Cell Enrichment
PBMC isolation and antigen positive B cell enrichment 1 week
Phase III
Screening and On-chip Assay via Beacon
Single B cell sorting and on-chip assay to find positive clones ~1 Day
Phase IV
Single B Cell Sequencing
Variable domain sequencing (Sanger or NGS) 1 weeks
Phase V
Small-scale rAb Expression
Recombinant antibody expression ~4 Days

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