high throughput mutagenesis to plasmid

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Protein mutant libraries are effective tools in identifying the function of key protein residues with diverse applications such as vaccine and therapeutic antibody development. Conducting high-throughput screening on these libraries helps researchers to find the best candidate for further investigation. Generation of protein mutant libraries is a multi-step process with the starting material, i.e. obtaining a plasmid prep of the gene variant library, being the most time-consuming and labor-intensive of all.

high throughput mutagenesis to plasmid

For instance, for a project requiring 100 µg plasmid for each of its 100 DNA constructs, it usually takes 6 weeks of time from two full-time personnel to finish the construction of the variant library and the subsequent plasmid preparation for every single construct in that library if the procedure is done in-house. This procedure includes several error-prone steps from primer design and PCR reaction to selecting a single clone and plasmid purification. In addition to the cost of reagents and sequencing services, the valuable time invested by personnel on these repetitive and tedious work cannot be ignored. So, is there a more efficient alternative?

After offering reliable molecular cloning services to researchers for 15 years, GenScript truly believes that the value of a DNA construct resides in the design but not the bench work involved in its production. Through constant efforts on automation and flow optimization, GenScript has successfully industrialized the whole molecular cloning process. Now, for the same project mentioned above, GenScript can make and deliver all plasmids in just 3 weeks!

Mutagenesis Services Price and Turnaround Time

Reagents and LaborIn-house Bench WorkGenScript
DNA Mutant Library
Oligo synthesis$2,450$9,900
Site-directed mutagenesis kit$2,600
Sequencing verification$2,400
Other reagents$500
Labor cost$5,500
Plasmid PreparationPlasmid purification kit$2,100$9,900
Other reagents$1,750
Labor cost$6,500
Total Cost$23,800$19,800
Total Turnaround Time6 Weeks3 Weeks


Now, GenScript is offering a limited time 30% off promotion on orders of mutant library construction and plasmid preparation to let researchers enjoy the unimaginable convenience. All you need to do is to send GenScript your DNA sequences and desired amount of plasmid, and we will take care of everything else.

Case Study:

A biotech company working on therapeutic antibody development planned on conducting a screening of 200 variants derived from an antibody lead. However, they couldn’t afford 8 weeks of time to finish the construction of the DNA mutant library and plasmid preparation, which is the inevitable step for the subsequent transient transfection. Considering the original constructs were synthesized by GenScript, they turned to GenScript for help. With a total cost of $39,000, GenScript generated 100 µg of all 200 plasmids and delivered them to their laboratory in only 22 days after receiving the order. Fortunately, with the identification of 3 antibody hits out of the screening of this library, their project was successfully completed.


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