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Gene Variant Libraries

100% sequence-verified rationally-designed libraries powered by next-gen high-throughput gene synthesis

up to 1011 mutants for directed evolution

Gene Variant Libraries and Custom Synthetic DNA Library Services

Custom Synthetic Gene Variant Librarie Quotation

Gene libraries consisting of variant (mutant) DNA sequences are increasingly used in a wide range of research fields. Gene variant libraries allow for systematic, unbiased investigations such as high-throughput screening for discovery biology, directed evolution for protein engineering, and in vitro molecular optimization to generate mutant proteins with improved or novel properties. A synthetic DNA library may also be used to construct novel genetic circuits encoding enzymes that constitute biosynthetic pathways for metabolic engineering. DNA library design and construction is an important first step for many studies aiming to identify novel gene regulatory sequences or to identify minimal domains critical for protein structure or function.

GenScript's strong expertise in de novo gene synthesis, coupled with our new GenPlus™ next-generation gene synthesis technology, allows us to synthesize gene variant libraries of any size and complexity with unprecedented efficiency. Whatever your DNA library construction strategy, GenScript can provide tailored service to meet your needs. Some popular types of gene libraries include:


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