Even Codon Distribution / User-Defined Codons Codon Optimization / No Stop Codons.Expedite your downstream screening time with unbeatable control and complete coverage of your designed variants.

Mutant libraries are powerful, high-throughput tools for optimizing protein structure and function. However, traditional methods for library construction, including error-prone PCR or degenerate methods, suffer from limited control over codon usage and poor variant representation. This requires multiple rounds of screening to capture the entire variation of the library.

Powered by GenScript's strong expertise in de novo gene synthesis and our semiconductor-based oligo synthesis technology, our Precision Mutant Library service offers precise control over each synthesized variant. The result is a more diverse and fully covered mutant library with unbiased distribution, ultimately saving valuable screening time, speeding up discovery workflow and reducing overall downstream expenses.

Precision Mutant Library Options

site-saturation saturation-mutagenesis mb

Site-Saturation Mutagenesis

Saturation Scanning Mutagenesis

Saturation Scanning Mutagenesis

Combinatorial Mutagenesis

Combinatorial Mutagenesis

Service Features

Site-Saturation Mutagenesis

Mutate several positions one at a time within a sequence located either consecutively or scattered throughout the protein sequence.

Each position is mutated to all 20 amino acids or specified codons;

Variants are delivered as small subpools , with each pool containing variants of a single amino acid position.

Saturation Scanning Mutagenesis

Target a consecutive string of amino acids within a defined region of the sequence or the whole protein sequence.

Each position is mutated to all 20 amino acids or specified codons;

Variants from all positions delivered as a single pool .

Combinatorial Mutagenesis

Mutate multiple positions simultaneously across specific target regions of a protein.

Only include desired codons;

User-defined amino acid mutations at each position with defined amino acid ratios;

All variants delivered as a single pool, with each variant containing multiple mutations.

Key Benefits of Precision Mutant Libraries

Precise control

Precise control

of user-defined codon usage

Guaranteed >90%

Guaranteed >90%

coverage of all desired variants

Superior library diversity

Superior library diversity

with library size >1010

Using Next-Generation Semiconductor Technology for Library Construction

NNK vs Precision mutant library

Each bar represents a mutated position and each color represents the frequency of variants with a particular amino acid.

A combinatorial mutagenesis library for 4 sequential amino acid positions was created using either degenerate (NNK) codons or using our precise oligos. Specific amino acids were requested at each site.

Using our semiconductor-based oligos in library construction:

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New Application Note New Application Note

Reducing Screen Burden in Antibody Engineering Through GenScript's Synthetic Precision Libraries

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How to Order

Download and submit your mutant library design. Email the completed form to [email protected] or securely upload it at Precision Mutant Library.

Our technical account manager will contact you with a quote within 24 hours.

*For PCR product deliverables only. For more information about our rapid TAT, please contact us at [email protected]

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Customer Testimonial

KansasState University Badge Susan Butler

Rice University

I wanted to create mutant capsids for adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors to improve targeting and transduction levels. GenScript was able to create a combinatorial mutant library that had 100% coverage of all expected variants before and after viral packaging, and excluded variants that contained amino acids that I did not want present at these sites. Having a library with only the variants that I wanted to test reduced my screening efforts and maximized my time in finding the optimal vector sequence.

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