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To order GenScript custom peptides on our online ordering system, please use only the codes specified on this table.Both single-letter and multiple-letter codes are acceptable.Please use braces with multiple-letter codes.

Name Single Letter Code Multiple Letter Code D-Amino Acid Code
Alanine A {ALA} {d-ALA}
Arginine R {ARG} {d-ARG}
Asparagine N {ASN} {d-ASN}
Aspartic Acid D {ASP} {d-ASP}
Cysteine C {CYS} {d-CYS}
Glutamic Acid E {GLU} {d-GLU}
Glutamine Q {GLN} {d-GLN}
Glycine G {GLY} {d-GLY}
Homocysteine {HCY} {d-HCY}
Histidine H {HIS} {d-HIS}
Homoserine {HSE} {d-HSE}
Isoleucine I {ILE} {d-ILE}
Leucine L {LEU} {d-LEU}
Lysine K {LYS} {d-LYS}
Methionine M {MET} {d-MET}
Norleucine {NLE} {d-NLE}
Norvaline {NVA} {d-NVA}
Ornithine {ORN} {d-ORN}
Penicillamine {PEN} {d-PEN}
Phenylalanine F {PHE} {d-PHE}
Proline P {PRO} {d-PRO}
Serine S {SER} {d-SER}
Threonine T {THR} {d-THR}
Tryptophan W {TRP} {d-TRP}
Tyrosine Y {TYR} {d-TYR}
Valine V {VAL} {d-VAL}
Pyroglutamate {pGLU} {d-pGLU}
Dinitrobenzylation (LYS) {Lys(Dnp)}
Phosphorylation (THR) {pTHR}
Phosphorylation (SER) {pSER}
Phosphorylation (TYR) {pTYR}
Gamma-GLU {gamma-GLU} {d-gamma-GLU}
Citrulline {CIT}
N-methylated ALA {nme-ALA}
N-methylated Isoleucine {nme-ILE}
N-methylated Leucine {nme-LEU}
N-methylated Phenylalanine {nme-PHE}
N-methylated Valine {nme-VAL}
N-methylated Serine {nme-SER}
N-methylated Threonine {nme-THR}
N-methylated Tyrosine {nme-TYR}
Alpha Amino-Butyric Acid {alpha-ABA}
Iso Aspartic Acid {iso-ASP}
Acetylation at alpha amine group {Ac-LYS}
2-Methyl Alanine {2-Me-ALA}
Oxamic Acid {OXA}
Acetylation at the side chain {Lys-Ac}
Methionine sulfoxid {Met(O)}
Methionine sulfone {Met(O)2}
Cyclopentylglycine {Cpg}
Propargylglycine {Pra}
1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroisoquinoline-3-carboxylic acid {Tic}
Selenocysteine {Sec}
Selenomethionine {Se-Met}
Azido-Lysine {Lys(N3)}
Beta-HomoLeucine {Beta-HomoLeu}
Carboxyamidomethylated Cysteine {Cys(Cam)}
Methylation at the side chain of Arginine {Arg(Me)}
Arg(Me)2 asymmetrical {ADMA}
Arg(Me)2 symmetrical {SDMA}
Beta-Alanine {Beta-Ala}
4-Aminobutyric acid {GABA}
6-amino-hexanoic acid {Ahx}
2,4-Diaminobutyric Acid {Dab}
2,3-Diaminopropionic Acid {Dap}
alpha-aminoisobutyric acid (alpha-methyl-alanine) {AIB}
L-alpha-aminobutyric acid {ABU}
Hydroxy Proline {HYP}
beta-cyclohexyl-L-alanine {Cha} {D-Cha}
Phenylglycine {Phg}
Biotin Lysine {Lys(biotin)}
(L) 1-NAL {L-1-NAL} {d-1-NAL}
(L) 2-PAL {L-2-PAL} {d-2-PAL}
(L) 4-CL-PHE {L-4-CL-PHE} {d-4-CL-PHE}
{Chg} {Chg} {D-Chg}
{L-2-Nal} {L-2-Nal} {D-2-Nal}
{L-3-Pal} {L-3-Pal} {D-3-Pal}
{L-4-F-Phe} {L-4-F-Phe} {D-4-F-Phe}
{L-4-I-Phe} {L-4-I-Phe} {D-4-I-Phe}
{L-4-NO2-Phe} {L-4-NO2-Phe} {D-4-NO2-Phe}
{L-4-Pal} {L-4-Pal} {D-4-F-Phe}