GenScript offers a variety of peptide synthesis services with both natural and non-standard/unnatural amino acids. To order our Custom Peptides and Peptide Library services through our online ordering system, refer to the following list of amino acid codes below. You can use either the single or multiple letter codes, but make sure to include braces if using the multiple code. You can also find symbols and molecular features of each natural amino acid in our Reference Table.

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Name Single Letter Code Multiple Letter Code D-Amino Acid Code
Alanine A {ALA} {d-ALA}
Arginine R {ARG} {d-ARG}
Asparagine N {ASN} {d-ASN}
Aspartic Acid D {ASP} {d-ASP}
Cysteine C {CYS} {d-CYS}
Glutamic Acid E {GLU} {d-GLU}
Glutamine Q {GLN} {d-GLN}
Glycine G {GLY}
Homocysteine {HCY} {d-HCY}
Histidine H {HIS} {d-HIS}
Homoserine {HSE} {d-HSE}
Isoleucine I {ILE} {d-ILE}
Leucine L {LEU} {d-LEU}
Lysine K {LYS} {d-LYS}
Methionine M {MET} {d-MET}
Norleucine {NLE} {d-NLE}
Norvaline {NVA} {d-NVA}
Ornithine {ORN} {d-ORN}
Penicillamine {PEN} {d-PEN}
Phenylalanine F {PHE} {d-PHE}
Proline P {PRO} {d-PRO}
Serine S {SER} {d-SER}
Threonine T {THR} {d-THR}
Tryptophan W {TRP} {d-TRP}
Tyrosine Y {TYR} {d-TYR}
Valine V {VAL} {d-VAL}
Pyroglutamate {pGLU} {d-pGLU}
Dinitrobenzylation (LYS) {Lys(Dnp)}
Phosphorylation (THR) {pTHR}
Phosphorylation (SER) {pSER}
Phosphorylation (TYR) {pTYR}
Gamma-GLU {gamma-GLU} {d-gamma-GLU}
Citrulline {CIT}
N-methylated ALA {nme-ALA}
N-methylated Isoleucine {nme-ILE}
N-methylated Leucine {nme-LEU}
N-methylated Phenylalanine {nme-PHE}
N-methylated Valine {nme-VAL}
N-methylated Serine {nme-SER}
N-methylated Threonine {nme-THR}
N-methylated Tyrosine {nme-TYR}
Alpha Amino-Butyric Acid {alpha-ABA}
Iso Aspartic Acid {iso-ASP}
Acetylation at alpha amine group {Ac-LYS}
2-Methyl Alanine {2-Me-ALA}
Oxamic Acid {OXA}
Acetylation at the side chain {Lys-Ac}
Methionine sulfoxid {Met(O)}
Methionine sulfone {Met(O)2}
Cyclopentylglycine {Cpg}
Propargylglycine {Pra}
1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroisoquinoline-3-carboxylic acid {Tic}
Selenocysteine {Sec}
Selenomethionine {Se-Met}
Azido-Lysine {Lys(N3)}
Beta-HomoLeucine {Beta-HomoLeu}
Carboxyamidomethylated Cysteine {Cys(Cam)}
Methylation at the side chain of Arginine {Arg(Me)}
Arg(Me)2 asymmetrical {ADMA}
Arg(Me)2 symmetrical {SDMA}
Beta-Alanine {Beta-Ala}
4-Aminobutyric acid {GABA}
6-amino-hexanoic acid {Ahx}
2,4-Diaminobutyric Acid {Dab}
2,3-Diaminopropionic Acid {Dap}
alpha-aminoisobutyric acid (alpha-methyl-alanine) {AIB}
L-alpha-aminobutyric acid {ABU}
Hydroxy Proline {HYP}
beta-cyclohexyl-L-alanine {Cha} {D-Cha}
Phenylglycine {Phg}
Biotin Lysine {Lys(biotin)}
(L) 1-NAL {L-1-NAL} {d-1-NAL}
(L) 2-PAL {L-2-PAL} {d-2-PAL}
(L) 4-CL-PHE {L-4-CL-PHE} {d-4-CL-PHE}
{Chg} {Chg} {D-Chg}
{L-2-Nal} {L-2-Nal} {D-2-Nal}
{L-3-Pal} {L-3-Pal} {D-3-Pal}
{L-4-F-Phe} {L-4-F-Phe} {D-4-F-Phe}
{L-4-I-Phe} {L-4-I-Phe} {D-4-I-Phe}
{L-4-NO2-Phe} {L-4-NO2-Phe} {D-4-NO2-Phe}
{L-4-Pal} {L-4-Pal} {D-4-F-Phe}

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