Gene synthesis is a timely and cost-effective solution to traditional molecular cloning. To help researchers learn more about gene synthesis, GenScript has prepared a handbook as a free educational guide to the technology.


Download our Gene Synthesis Handbook and explore our resource links to accelerate your research.

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Gene Synthesis

Gene Synthesis

Any DNA sequence you desire

Guaranteed 100% sequence fidelity

GenBrick™ Synthesis

New building blocks for synthetic biology

>8 kb long building bricks
100% sequence fidelity guarantee

Mutagenesis & Variant Libraries

Express Mutagenesis

Any variant from your design

Unparalleled accuracy
Large constructs up to 12 kb
Starting from $99/mutation

Gene Variant Libraries

Up to 2000 unique DNA swquences in 30 days

Combinatorial Assembly Libraries for Synthetic Biology
Customized Libraries for any research application

Mutant Libraries

You design it, we build it

Random, degenerated, or customized libraries
Site-directed mutagenesis libraries

Express Services: Gene Synthesis Bundle Options

Accelerate your research with one-stop downstream solutions

Express Mutagenesis

Cut your turnaround time by half by bundling mutagenesis with gene synthesis

Same unparalleled accuracy and flexibility as our Site-Directed Mutagenesis Service

Express Cloning Prep Service

Long-lasting, efficient mRNA inhibition in vivo

Over 150 free, popular vectors to choose from when bundled with gene synthesis
Decrease turnaround times to as little as 2 business days when bundled with gene synthesis

Express Plasmid Prep Service

High-quality plasmid preps with customizable quality control measures, industrial grade or research grade

Decrease turnaround times to as little as 3 business days when bundled with gene synthesis

Molecular Cloning

Plasmid Preparation

Any amount to fit your needs

Flexible scale, up to gram-levels
≥ 95% supercoiled DNA
≤ 0.005 EU/µg Endotoxin

GenEZ™ ORF Clone

Sequence-verified ORF clones

> 2 million ORF cDNAs
Starting at $99/clone, $149/ mutant clone

Express Cloning

Save time with clone-ready construct

$49 and 2 day turnaround time
Choose from over 150 free vectors

Custom Oligos

Affordable modified/labeled oligos

Customized modifications and labeling
DNA, RNA, or chimeric


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