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Application of Synthetic Biology in Biofuel Production

Among the top challenges of this century is access to sources of energy that would be affordable, renewable and environmentally-friendly. In recent decades, efforts to capture the sun’s energy through solar panels or transgenic plants to replace fossil-based fuels have addressed current needs to some extent. However, several challenges such as high production prices have encouraged the bioenergy sector to seek better approaches. A prime approach is through advanced strategies developed by synthetic biology that is helping to move the bioenergy sector to the next generation of bio-based forms of energy. It is now possible to not only improve biofuel production from the traditional sources and producers such as sun and plants, but also generate energy from sources like waste materials from novel producers such as microorganisms.

Synthetic Biology Solutions

After establishing a clear goal and developing a design strategy, the following services can facilitate the build phase of your synthetic biology-based solutions for producing biofuel:

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