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Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology can be defined as the use of artificially engineered biological systems and their associated living organisms to improve both industrial and biological research applications. The actual planning and engineering of systems for industrial use requires a combination of multiple disciplines, such as molecular biology, systems biology, biophysics, and computer engineering, to name a few. Applications such as biofuels and drug research are at the forefront of technological advancements today, all of which require synthetic biology retooling for success. While multiple disciplines are needed in the successful implementation of synthetic biology principles, at the core of the process is gene synthesis and molecular engineering. GenScript offers a host of services to streamline your gene synthesis and molecular engineering project, helping to achieve your synthetic biology goals.

Gene Synthesis - GenBrick

Perfect proteins come from perfect genes. Get 100% sequence accurate genes with fully customizable options with GenScript’s gene synthesis services.


Eliminate the hassle of traditional mutagenesis bottlenecks with GenScript’s expertly-tailored Mutagenesis Services.

Gene Synthesis – GenPlus High-Throughput Gene Synthesis

Increase probability of soluble protein expression and achieve the highest levels of expression possible with our advanced, patented and completely free codon optimization algorithm.

  CRISPR – Knock-out/Knock-in

The hottest genome editing tool to date, CRISPR has become widely used due to its simplicity and versatility. Let GenScript and our patented CRISPR technology help guide and facilitate your CRISPR plant science studies so you can focus on the important science that matters.

Cloning Services

No more PCR, no more gel purification, and no more waiting for sequencing results. Use GenScript’s Cloning Services to quickly create constructs, so you can focus on the research that matters

  Gene Variant Library

High-throughput screening and in vitro molecular optimization to generate mutant proteins with improved/novel properties