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Synthetic Biology

As an emerging and interdisciplinary field, synthetic biology seeks to make the design, construction and optimization of biological systems easier, more predictable and reliable. This is achieved through the assembly of core biomolecules as engineered parts, which will either enhance the biological functions of existing systems or help with creating novel biological functions and systems. Application of synthetic biology principles allows for the development of bio-based therapeutics, chemicals, materials, new means for information processing and data storage, as well as new sources of food and energy. Ultimately, such applications improve the living condition of humans and preserve the environment.

Workflow of Synthetic Biology Projects

Development of novel metabolic pathways and microbial strains occurs in three phases: design, build, and test. These phases are repeated iteratively to improve experimental design and optimize results.

Services for Synthetic Biology Projects

Among the three phases involved in synthetic biology projects, bottlenecks usually occur during the build stage, as the simultaneous assembly of different DNA circuitry can be costly, time-consuming, and complex. To overcome this challenge, several enabling technologies, such as gene synthesis and molecular engineering, can be utilized. As the industry leader in these fields, GenScript offers an array of services to help streamline the build phase of your synthetic biology projects.

Applications of Synthetic Biology

Applications of synthetic biology are diverse and rapidly-growing. Browse through the following list to learn more about major applications of synthetic biology in various industries and sectors, and the way they are impacting the life of humans, animals, plants and the Earth.

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