Addressing modern medical needs, including precision medicine, requires innovative solutions to robustly detect, monitor and even interface patients’ pathophysiology. Unfortunately, conventional diagnostics, which are based on pre-genomic era technologies, often fail to provide clinically informative results to meet such needs. With the increasing application of rational and systemic biological design in development of diagnostics, however, we are seeing breakthrough solutions for overcoming existing challenges and enabling precision medicine.

Synthetic biology-based diagnostics provide real-time, dynamic, sensitive, highly-specific, and non-invasive methods for detecting and monitoring cancer cells, metabolic parameters, infectious agents, therapeutics, and exposure to toxins. Development of dual-functioning diagnostic-therapeutic platforms are also changing the definition and application of diagnostics in medicine towards a more comprehensive and integrated approach in patient care.

Synthetic Biology Solutions

After establishing a clear goal and developing a design strategy, the following services can facilitate build phase of your synthetic biology-based approach for developing diagnostics:

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