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Combinatorial DNA Library Assembly Services

GenScript Builds Your Design Faster!

Combinatorial DNA Library Assembly Services

Combinatorial DNA libraries are powerful, high-throughput tools used in a variety of applications, including metabolic pathway and microbial strain engineering for optimizing biological systems and producing high-value chemicals, biofuels, pharmaceuticals, and sustainable food. Combinatorial DNA libraries, or combinatorial assembly libraries, are made as a set of predefined DNA parts strategically assembled in a specific arrangement.

Built on our advanced, high-throughput platforms and world-renowned expertise in gene synthesis, GenScript offers comprehensive combinatorial DNA library assembly services for various downstream screening needs to help accelerate your metabolic pathway and microbial strain engineering process.


  •   One-stop, high-throughput solution
  •   Arrayed format with up to 1x108 constructs containing 4 variable slots for 15 kb inserts
  •   Free storage for all your synthesized projects with CloneArk™ Storage System
  •   Faster and more economical compared to your in-house operations
  •   Seamlessly assembled with advanced methods
  •   Expert advising on all project plans by our Ph.D.-level scientists

Service Features

We offer arrayed libraries providing up to 10,000 individual, precisely assembled constructs. Each assembled construct contains up to 4 variable slots for inserts of up to 15 kb total length, cloned into your vector of choice, with up to 4 µg in yield.

Arrayed Library
Library Description Up to 10,000 individual, precisely assembled constructs based on the exact design
Screening Every single design in the library
Deliverables 1.5 ml tubes or 96-well plates
Quality Control Sequence verification of all delivered constructs


Arrayed Library Assembly
Example Workflow

Over the last several years, GenScript has partnered with researchers in both industry and academia to build sophisticated combinatorial DNA libraries. These highly-customized libraries were used to develop new drugs, enzymes, or to discover novel gene functions and networks. The following is one example of such successful partnerships:

Case Study: Arrayed Combinatorial DNA Library Assembly
-- Optimizing Gene Circuits for Therapeutic Applications

How to Order

Arrayed Library Assembly
Quote/Order Request Form

Download and complete the appropriate request form below and email it back to [email protected]. Our Ph.D. scientists will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your project.

For questions or help with choosing the best library service to expedite the build phase of your project, contact us at: