Economy gene synthesis offers low-cost gene synthesis starting at $0.19/bp for individually sequence-verified clonal DNA. With our proprietary silicon-arrayed production process, the chip-based platform can synthesize over 7,000 genes in a single run. Our cost-effective chip-based platform makes it possible for every research lab to get custom synthetic genes at an industry-leading low price and has been adapted to accommodate orders of any size.

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The Advantage of Economy Gene Synthesis

Custom cloning service

Get FREE Cloning on standard vectors and $49 for VectorArk cloning.

Free codon optimization

Improve gene expression by up to 100x with GenSmart™ Codon Optimization tool.

Free backup storage for your project

CloneArk™ plasmid storage for recovery in the event of an accident.

100% sequence accuracy guarantee

Guarantee 100% sequence-verified with Sanger sequencing for each plasmid.

Low-cost custom gene synthesis

Custom Gene Synthesis as low as $0.19/bp with no minimum order size.

Service Applications

Economy gene synthesis can provide large scale custom genes with competitive price. Research and commercial applications for the technology include:

High-throughput Screening

Synthesize and express every gene in your project.

Genome Synthesis

Build synthetic genomes and incorporate your own design/variant elements.

Protein/Antibody Engineering

For variable region design, typically between 300-400 bp in length.

Metabolic Pathway Engineering

Test gene variants to optimize your metabolic pathway efficiency.

Vaccine Development

Express and screen recombinant viral protein vaccines.

The Standard Delivery

Delivery Specifications

4 μg of lyophilized plasmid containing your gene insert (1 μg for low-copy plasmid) *

Sequence chromatograms or NGS read depth plot covering each gene (electronic)

Construct map for the plasmid (electronic)

Quality assurance certificate

Economy Gene Synthesis Quotation & Ordering Process

GenScript offers an intelligent online smart quote system able to price any project instantly with best time and cost effective strategy in as short as 1 minute.

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GenScript keeps all customer project details strictly confidential and clients maintain all intellectual property rights belonging to their projects. GenScript does not claim any rights to any synthetic or GenSmart codon-optimized genes.


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