GenScript's Poly(A) Guarantee Service offers mRNA researchers an added peace of mind by ensuring the poly(A) tail sequence is precisely tailored to the desired length, aligning with your downstream mRNA research goals. Through our proprietary GenScript Poly(A) Strains, expertly designed and optimized for the propagation of plasmids with extended poly(A) tails, we guarantee enhanced stability and integrity. This commitment means our customers always receive premium-quality mRNA template plasmids, primed for optimal downstream results.


Poly(A) Sequence Verified

Poly(A) Sequence Verified

For worry-free downstream application

Proprietary GenScript Poly(A) Strain

Proprietary GenScript Poly(A) Strain

ensuring superior purity and quality

Superior Quality Controls Standards

Why is Poly A important for mRNA and protein production?

Number 1

mRNA stability - protects the mRNA molecule from enzymatic degradation in the cytoplasm

Number 2

Aids in transcription termination

Number 3

Exports mRNA from the nucleus to the cytoplasm for transcription

Number 4

Protein expression regulation


Poly A Guarantee service starting from $79
delivered in 3 days!

Poly A Guarantee Service
Number of Poly A bases Release Standard of Poly A Tail Length Release Standard of Supercoiled Ratio
70 ~ 90 A = N ± 3nt 80% ± 10% Supercoiled
91 ~ 110 A = N ± 5nt 70% ± 10% Supercoiled
111 ~ 125 A = N ± 8nt 60% ± 10% Supercoiled
>125 Inquiry

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