GenScript’s gene to mRNA end-to-end solution offers high quality optimized IVT templates to deliver high integrity mRNA that are stable and protected from enzymatic degradation for exceptional protein expression. Our Poly A Guarantee service combines GenScript’s gene synthesis expertise with industry know-how to provide high quality plasmids with Poly A tail that are sequence verified and customizable for your individual needs.

One-Stop Solution for ALL Your mRNA Needs

Poly A Guarantee service starting from $79
delivered in 3 days!

Poly A Guarantee Service
Number of Poly A bases Release Standard of Poly A Tail Length Release Standard of Supercoiled Ratio
70 ~ 90 A = N ± 3nt 80% ± 10% Supercoiled
91 ~ 110 A = N ± 5nt 70% ± 10% Supercoiled
111 ~ 125 A = N ± 8nt 60% ± 10% Supercoiled
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Why is Poly A important for mRNA and protein production?


mRNA stability - protects the mRNA
molecule from enzymatic degradation in
the cytoplasm


Aids in transcription termination


Exports mRNA from the nucleus to the
cytoplasm for transcription


Protein expression regulation

Proprietary GenToxic strain Poly A cloning success rate

Sanger Sequencing Guaranteeing Clean Poly A Region

Better Input Better Outcome

plasmid glp icon

Pure linearized plasmid
lead to successful IVT

plasmid glp icon

Higher mRNA yield,
purity and better protein

plasmid glp icon

Strict endotoxin control and less
safety concerns to your mRNA
and downstream application

plasmid glp icon

Strict control of RNA, host
DNA, residual host protein
or enzymes lead to less
noise from contaminants

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