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As a pioneer in innovative solutions, GenScript has developed a robust platform of tools and services to make research easy. With our proprietary algorithm, GenSmart is a free online interface that makes it possible to design and price your optimal sequence in a single place.

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Smart Algorithm

Smart Error Checking

Ultimate Convenience

GenSmart™ Codon Optimization Just 1-click away to your optimal sequence
GenSmart™ Instant Quote Quote to Price in 1 min
GenSmart™ Design FREE DNA construct design tool to simplify your plasmid design process

GenSmart™ Instant Quote

Submit > Customize > Price, all in under a minute!

Smart Algorithm Smart Algorithm

Analyzes your target sequence against GenScript’s ORF clone collection to find the optimal synthesis route to save time and cost.

Smart Error hecking Smart Error hecking

Detects and reports common errors in your design. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your sequence is in good hands!

Ultimate Convenience Ultimate Convenience

Eases quote and ordering process with our integrated database management system, to price your genes in 1 min.

GenSmart™ Codon Optimization

Patent Number: WO2020024917A1
Improve gene expression with our multifactor approach and updated advance algorithms



Maximize expression of functional and active protein by mimicking natural gene sequence

multifactor approach


Factor Analysis

200 factors involved in gene expression screened and validated

multifactor approach


Sequence Based

Highly customized computing to avoid weight allocation bias on key factors

multifactor approach

GenSmart™ Design

With 200+ commonly used commercial vectors, 2000+ commonly used functional parts and quick access to popular database.
GenSmart™ Design helps simplify your plasmid design process.


Sequence Annotation


Error Checking Algorithm




Drag-n-drop Operation

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