GenScript’s gene to mRNA end-to-end solution offers high quality optimized IVT templates to deliver high integrity mRNA for exceptional protein expression. Our plasmid linearization service offers plasmid linearization for mRNA production with restriction enzyme after adding a PolyA tail, containing T7 promoter, 5' & 3' UTR, and PolyA Tail.

One-Stop Solution for ALL Your mRNA Needs

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Service Description

Pre-clinical Grade Research Grade Industrial Grade
Service packages Linearization (Preclinical) Linearization (Research/Industrial)
Price Starting from $480 Starting from $89
Quantity >5 mg >100 µg
Endotoxin 10EU/mg (default) 10EU/mg (industrial) or no control
Linearization purification AKTA (Circular plasmid) + Anion exchange chromatography
(Linearization plasmid)
Default: Anion exchange chromatography
(Circular plasmid) + Isopropanol
precipitation (Linearization plasmid)
Linearization QC HPLC ≥ 95% (need 20 µg needed for HPLC) AGE (load 200 ng, see single band)
Host cell DNA <5%, qPCR AGE,<15% plasmid band
Total protein Nano orange <2% (default) N/A
RNA Non-detectable at 200 ng by AGE Non-detectable at 200ng by AGE

Extensive list of QC add-ons to promise highest quality input to deliver superior mRNA yield

Add-on Linearization (Preclinical) Linearization (Research/Industrial)
Additional Linearization purification N/A Optional--Magnetic bead purification (<100µg) or Anion exchange chromatography(>100 µg)
Low total protein NanoOrange <1%, (additional cost) only when quantity>5 mg NanoOrange <2% only when quantity>5 mg
Advanced Endotoxin Removal <0.005EU /µg quantitative TAL (default), LAL (optional) <0.005EU /µg quantitative TAL (default), LAL (optional)
Mycoplasma Contamination Assay Luminescence detection kit N/A
Detection of Kanamycin ELISA N/A
Quantitative Linearization by HPLC Additional cost if >98% Tentative >95%,  Additional cost if >98%
Animal Free Production Process with TSE/BSE certification RNase, BsaI/EcoRI/BspQI , TSE/BSE certification RNase, BsaI/EcoRI/BspQI , TSE/BSE certification
Bio-burden Assay 48 hr YPD and LB 48 hr YPD and LB
Nicked plasmid treatment T4 ligase treated circularization T4 ligase treated circularization

Better Input Better Outcome

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Pure linearized plasmid
lead to successful IVT

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Higher mRNA yield,
purity and better protein

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Strict endotoxin control and less
safety concerns to your mRNA
and downstream application

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Strict control of RNA, host
DNA, residual host protein
or enzymes lead to less
noise from contaminants

Pure linearized plasmid lead to successful IVT

Linearized plasmid purity% Linear plasmid% IVT yield (μg)
50% 50% 16.8
90% 90% 18.4
95% 95% 24.7
98% 98% 23.8
>98% 100% 24.9

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