GenScript’s Plasmid Linearization Service provides mRNA researchers with unparalleled expertise, delivering consistent and superior quality results every time. With our rigorous quality control measures, we guarantee linearized plasmids of the highest purity, ensuring efficiency and scalability for a seamless in vitro transcription reaction. Streamline your research process with our comprehensive one-stop solution, spanning from gene synthesis to providing a ready-to-use linearized template.


Extensive Quality Controls

Choose from up to 15 QC options


µg to g level

Animal Free Production, endotoxin controls for your mRNA downstream applications


For Cloning/Transfection Use For Animal Study Use
Price Starting from $89 IQR
Quantity > 30 µg > 5 mg
Default Quality Control
Endotoxin Level <10 EU/mg (based on plasmid prep grade) <10 EU/mg
Linearization Purification
  • Anion exchange chromatography (Circular plasmid)
  • Isopropanol precipitation (Linearized plasmid)
  • AKTA (Circular plasmid)
  • Anion exchange chromatography (Linearization plasmid)
Linearization Confirmation Agarose gel electrophoresis (single band) HPLC (≥ 95%)
Residual Host gDNA Agarose gel electrophoresis (< 15% plasmid band) qPCR (< 5%)
Residual Host Cell Protein N/A Nano orange < 2%
Residual RNA Agarose gel electrophoresis Agarose gel electrophoresis

Additional add-on quality controls

For Cloning/Transfection Use For Animal Study Use
Additional Linearization Purification
  • Magnetic bead purification (<100 µg)
  • Anion exchange chromatography(>100 µg)
Advance Endotoxin Removal <0.005 EU/µg quantitative TAL (default), LAL (optional)
Mycoplasma Detection N/A Luminescence-based Detection Kit
Kanamycin Detection N/A ELISA
HPLC (quantitative linearization) N/A Additional cost if >98%
Animal Free Process with TSE/BSE Certification RNase, BsaI/EcoRI/BspQI , TSE/BSE certification
Bio-burden Assay 48 hrs. YPD and LB
Nicked Plasmid Treatment T4 Ligase Treated Circularization

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