High-Throughput Plasmid Prep Service

High-Throughput Plasmid Prep Service

GenScript's High-Throughput (HT) Plasmid Prep Service is the latest addition to our plasmid prep service line. With offerings at 10 μg and 30 μg quantities, you'll now be able to economically order multiple plasmid preps, all with our stringent quality control measures. Inquire today about our newest service!

HT Plasmid Prep Service Advantages

High-Throughput plasmid prep
Plasmid Scale Price Turnaround Time Request a quote / place an
order for HT Plasmid Prep
10 μg $29 per prep Determined by prep # Quote
30 μg $49 per prep Determined by prep # Quote

HT Plasmid Prep QC parameters

QC Items Specification
Appearance Clear, no visible particles
A260/280 1.8-2.0
Supercoiled content >90%
Residual RNA Not visible
Genomic DNA Not visible
Restriction Analysis Conforms to reference
Endotoxin Assay (LAL test) Endotoxin-level free (≤ 0.1 EU/μg)
Bio-burden Assay Bio-burden free

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HT Plasmid Prep Applications

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Delivery specifications and ordering information

When requesting a quote for the HT plasmid DNA preparation service, please specify:

Quotations and Ordering

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