Bring your intact AAV expression level to new heights with GenScript's proprietary AAV ITR Guarantee platform. Speak to a specialist to learn more about the feature today!

GenScript's Proprietary AAV ITR Guarantee Technology

Traditional solutions to prevent ITR loss are imperfect and does not promise conserved ITR integrity. To overcome this issue, GenScript developed a Sanger-dependent ITR specific sequencing kit that can sequence through the whole ITRs to determine its integrity with good signal.

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Regular sanger sequencing typically fails to sequence through ITR due to its high GC content, resulting in termination of sequencing reaction and subsequent incomplete sequencing. GenScript's proprietary AAV ITR Guarantee technology can easily read through ITR with clean peaks.

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GenScript's AAV ITR Guarantee QC is 37.5% more stringent than competitor's, providing you with top notch quality plasmids.

GenScript's AAV ITR Guarantee QC vs competitor's

Have more confidence in the screening and lead validation phase of your gene
and cell engineering projects, speak to a specialist today!

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Learn more about GenScript’s proprietary AAV ITR Guarantee platform

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Learn how improved ITR integrity can impact AAV plasmid expression and accelerate your pipeline!

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