Are uncontrolled or unexplained failures in your plasmid prep causing reproducibility issues and delays in your experiments? GenScript's Industrial Grade Plasmid DNA can help your experiments achieve highly efficient cell transfection, helping to improve experimental outcomes in research areas such as protein expression, antibody production, and other research projects.

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100% full insert sequence
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Maximizing transfection

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Don't miss your deadline

Deliver in as short as
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Establishing Higher Industrial Standards for transfection-ready Plasmids

Flexible quantity

Microgram- to gram- scale production

100% Sequence Accuracy

Full insert sequencing for each plasmid with no additional fee

Track record of reliability

Delivered 800,000+ clones in 15+ years

Stringent quality control

Endotoxin ≤0.01 EU/μg, and bio-burden test on every single plasmid

Delivered in as short as 3 business days

PHD level customer support

Industrial Grade Plasmid Preparation

QC Items Analytical Method Specification
Appearance Visual inspection Colorless, clear, free of precipitate or foreign particles
A260/280 Nanodrop UV absorption 1.8-2.0
Concentration UV absorption Default 1 mg/ml; Specific concentration provided upon request
Sequence Accuracy New! Sequencing Sequencing verification match the order requirements
Homogeneity Agarose gel electrophoresis 90%±10% Supercoiled**
Restriction Analysis Enzyme digestion and electrophoresis DNA bands with expected sizes detected by agarose gel electrophoresis
Residual RNA Visual inspection upon electrophoresis Not visible on agarose gel
E.coli Genomic DNA3, 5 Visual inspection upon electrophoresis < 15% by agarose gel electrophoresis
Endotoxin LevelWhat's Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) assay ≤0.01 EU/μg
Quantitative LAL assay, Optional New!
Bio-Burden Test Bioburden No viable microorganisms in /on culture media

Note: The reading of plasmid concentration may varies in the results of multiple measurements, with the approximate range from -5~+15%.
* Sequence verification of full gene insert only applies when bundled with gene synthesis (an insert to be cloned into a plasmid).
** Percentage of supercoiled plasmid may vary when analyzing with different methods or can be altered due to shipping conditions.
*** Since densitometry is semi quantitative, the genomic DNA is considered nonvisible if the comparative intensity of genomic DNA < 15% of plasmid band. Quantitative genomic DNA measurement by qPCR is available with additional charges.
For more information about our QC measures, click here.

Applications Include

Transfection in mammalian cells

Animal studies

Protein and antibody production

DNA vaccine research

Virus packaging

Gene and cell therapy studies

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