GenScript's Plasmid DNA Preparation Service accommodates small research labs, large-scale manufacturing biotech and pharmaceutical companies, providing you with high-quality plasmid DNA with 100% full insert sequence accuracy. Our services provide a variety of quantities and quality options, perfectly tailored to meet the specific requirements of your applications.

GenScript is fully equipped to prepare your ideal plasmids with utmost precision and reliability. Request a quote or order your plasmid DNA now via the brand-new GenSmart™ 2.0 online ordering platform, or Re-prep of previously synthesized plasmids.

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  • Get your plasmid DNA in as fast as 2 days
  • 100% transparency guaranteed from proposal to product.

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  • Deliver plasmid DNA for basic research to animal study
  • Produce Plasmid DNA from microgram to gram level

Get the Plasmid DNA that Perfect for Your Research

  • Improved ITR integrity with AAV ITR guarantee service
  • Top-quality IVT template with Poly A Guarantee service

Service Details

Tier 1
Plasmid DNA
Tier 2
Plasmid DNA
Tier 3
Plasmid DNA
Primary Application Cloning Transfection Animal Study
Quantity Range 10µg – 1mg 10µg – 2g+ 10mg – 2g+
Homogeneity Predominantly supercoil ≥80% supercoil ≥90% supercoil
Endotoxin Level
  • No Guarantee
  • ≤ 0.1 EU/μg
  • ≤0.01 EU/μg
  • ≤0.005 EU/μg
  • ≤0.01 EU/μg
  • ≤0.005 EU/μg
  • The most stringent default quality control
  • Flexible optional quality control test for your need
  • Multiple endotoxin levels up to your choice

Deliverables Include:

Please Note:

Quality Control Strategies

GenScript's plasmid DNA preparation services provide unparalleled quality control standards in the market, offering customizable solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements for both quality and quantity.

Please Note:

  1. The percentage of supercoiled plasmid DNA may vary when analyzed with different methods or can be altered due to shipping conditions.
  2. Sequence verification of the full gene insert only applies when bundled with gene synthesis. The whole plasmid sequencing by NGS or nanopore is available with an additional charge.
  3. For tier 1 and tier 2 plasmid DNA, the E. coli genomic DNA < 15% by agarose gel electrophoresis refers to the intensity of genomic DNA band is less than 15% of that of all bands on the gel. For tier 3 plasmid DNA, the E. coli genomic DNA is less than 5% and verified by qPCR method.
  4. Documentation is only available to request offline, please contact your account manager or email to [email protected] to order or get a quote.
  5. By adding the purification upgrade add-on service, the ≥90% supercoiled plasmid DNA is verified by HPLC, and the E. coli genomic DNA is ≤ 1%, as confirmed by qPCR (for high copy plasmids only). Residual host protein is ≤ 0.1% and verified by ELISA.

GenSmart™ 2.0 Online Ordering Platform

Sequence inputSequence
Clone setup and codon optimization  Clone Setup &
Codon optimization
Plasmid Setup & Add-ons Plasmid Setup &
Order or Get a Quote Order or
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Order gene synthesis via GenSmart™ 2.0 with ease

Order plasmid DNA preparation via GenSmart™ 2.0

  • Utilize the best-in-class codon optimization algorithm to optimize your sequence
  • Select the most suitable gene synthesis, cloning, and plasmid DNA preparation services for your applications
  • Receive estimated pricing and turnaround time
  • Get an instant quote and place your order

Global Manufacturing Network

Cutting-edge facilities in China, the United States, and Singapore offer top-quality gene synthesis, cloning, and plasmid DNA services to global researchers. Our worldwide presence ensures quick and efficient access to our top-notch services, enabling researchers to focus on their core work with confidence. Trust in our expertise and global reach to support your research needs and propel innovation in the field of genetic sciences.


GenSmart™ 2.0 Online Ordering
GenSmart™ 2.0 Online Ordering

4 steps to get your quote or order your clonal gene.

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GenSmart™ 2.0 Quick User Manual
GenSmart™ 2.0 Quick User Manual

Essential steps and tips to get familiar with GenSmart™ 2.0

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GenSmart™ Codon Optimization
GenSmart™ Codon Optimization

A free online tool for codon optimization to improve gene expression and more.

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GenSmart™ Vector Design
GenSmart™ Vector Design

A free online tool to design your own plasmid vectors.

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GenSmart™ Vector Design
AAV ITR Guarantee service AAV ITR Guarantee service

Learn more about GenScript’s proprietary AAV ITR Guarantee platform

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GenSmart™ Vector Design
Gene Therapy Tidbits

Learn how improved ITR integrity can impact AAV plasmid expression and accelerate your gene therapy pipeline!

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