GenScript offers preclinical grade plasmids with the most comprehensive and stringent quality specifications and analysis for your preclinical project needs. Ideal for preclinical in vivo animal studies, from mice to non-human primates, in gene therapy, cell therapy, and vaccine research. Available in quantities of 10 mg and up.

Comprehensive Quality Control

Highly homogenous (≥90% supercoiled).

Endotoxin free (≤0.005 EU/μg).

Quantitative bacterial DNA & protein analysis

Animal- Free Production

Plant based culture media

Enzyme-free chromatographic purification

TSE/BSE Certificate

Guaranteed Quantity

From mg to multi-gram level

High density fermentation

Material archiving

Quality Comparison

QC Items Analytical Method Specification
Default QC Items Appearance Visual inspection Clear, colorless, no visible particulates
A260:280 Nanodrop UV absorption 1.8-2.0
Identity Sequence verification of full gene insert 100% alignment with reference sequence
pH pH meter 8.0±0.5 (in TE buffer)
Restriction Analysis Enzyme digestion and electrophoresis Conforming to reference pattern
Homogeneity Agarose gel electrophoresis ≥ 90% supercoiled
Endotoxin Quantitative LAL assay ≤ 0.01 EU/μg
Residual E. coli DNA Quantitative PCR ≤ 5%
Residual RNA Agarose gel electrophoresis Non-detectable at 200ng
Residual Host Protein HCP ELISA ≤ 1%
Bioburden Testing Direct incubation No growth on agar plate after 48 hours
Add-On QC Items Advanced Endotoxin Removal Quantitative LAL assay ≤ 0.005 EU/μg
Mycoplasma Contamination Luminescence detection kits Negative
Detection of Kanamycin ELISA <1.125 ng/ml


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