Feeding the growing human population while preserving the environment is a major problem facing societies across the globe. With limited and contaminated arable land and water resources, current efforts are focused on finding novel solutions for solving these challenges without placing further burden on the environment. On the other hand, increased awareness about the role of nutritious food in human health and the concept of “food as medicine” has increased the demand for “functional food”.

Synthetic biologists are now at the forefront of collective efforts to address these pressing and emerging needs. With the help of sophisticated engineering strategies and tapping into the vast resources in cellular machinery, synthetic biologists have developed novel solutions that either have already found their way into relevant markets or are getting close to moving form laboratory research to commercialization. “Cellular agriculture” and “biosensors” are two of these fundamental tools to help with sustainability in the food and agriculture industries.

Cellular agriculture allows for the production of food with higher and tailored nutritional or medicinal value, food with longer shelf life and devoid of harmful ingredients such as allergens for susceptible populations. Enriching soil or feedstock with engineered microorganisms acting as biosensors helps with the detection of pathogens or contaminants, confers resistance to disease agents, and enhances the quality of animal or plant food products. These and similar innovative solutions are moving sustainable agricultural practices and the food industry into a new era where less resources are used for the production of more beneficial food.

Synthetic Biology Solutions

After establishing a clear goal and developing a design strategy, the following services can facilitate the build phase of your synthetic biology-based solutions for food industry and agriculture:

GenPlus High-Throughput Gene Synthesis

Custom orders of any size synthesized with our GenBuilder™ high efficiency assembly technology, automated platform, and NGS multiplex sequencing QC

High-Throughput DNA Library Assembly

A powerful source of either naturally-occurring or de novo sequences seamlessly assembled for the discovery of new proteins and development of novel pathways and networks

CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing

A one-stop solution for harnessing the power of CRISPR genome editing through partnership with the CRISPR pioneer, Feng Zhang at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Technical Support, Quote & Ordering Information

Contact our technical support scientists to learn how GenScript can help with your synthetic biology projects, request a quote or place an order.


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