GenEZ™ Mutant ORF clones allow you to create any custom mutant you desire while eliminating the use of expensive, time-consuming, unpredictable mutagenesis kits and protocols. Create custom point mutations, insertions, and deletions, from any wild type
ORF sequence found in our ORF clone database.

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GenEZ™ Mutant ORF clone advantages

Only $99 / mutant clone*

Expression/transfection ready

Choose from any vectors

No need for expensive, unpredictable mutagenesis kits and protocols

100% sequence-verified ORFs

Types of mutations

Mutation type*
Description and Applications
Clone Price and Mutation Definition
Point mutations
Change single base pairs to study key amino acids.
$99 per any number of point mutations within a 30 bp region
Insert bases to add signal peptides, create frameshifts, or simulate repeat expansions.
$99 per any insertion of up to 30 bp
Truncations / Deletions
Create constructs to express protein domains. Remove fragments from the N-terminal, C-terminal, or middle of your gene. Delete single bases to create frameshifts or remove single amino acids.
$99 per removal of a single fragment, regardless of length

*1 mutation equals:

GenEZ™ Mutant ORF Clone Deliverables

Price and Turnaround Time

Wild Type Clone Length Mutant Clone Price Turnaround Time
Mutant Clone bundled with Wild Type Clone - Cat No. SC1200M
< 3 kb $99 per mutation* 5 business days
3 – 8 kb $99 per mutation* + $100 5 business days
> 8 kb Request a quote Request a quote
Mutant Clone from a previously purchased ORF Clone from GenScript- - Cat No. SC1715
Template Length Price Turnaround Time
< 3 kb $99 per mutation* Starts at 8 business days
3 – 8 kb $99 per mutation* + $100
> 8 kb Request a quote

How to Order

1. Search for your ORF clones
and select vour vector*
2. Receive and confirm your quote
3. Your sequence-verified OF clone is shipped by the date promised

* Some vectors may need to be shipped by the customer to GenScript.


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