stem cell antibodies (stem cell markers) Stem cells are regarded by many researchers as having virtually unlimited applications in the treatment of many human diseases. Alzheimer's, diabetes, cancer, strokes are among those in which stem cell researches are focused on..

GenScript is proud to provide a comprehensive catalog of primary antibodies applicable to stem cell research. Customized antibody services are provided to satisfy researchers' needs. Each antibody is of high-quality and reliable.

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Ordering Information

Cat. No. Product Name Quantity Price Order
c-Myc-tag Antibody, pAb, Rabbit
$102.00 40 μg
c-Myc-tag Antibody [HRP], pAb, Rabbit
$102.00 40 μg
THE™ c-Myc Tag Antibody, mAb, Mouse
$180.00 100 μg
THE™ c-Myc Antibody [HRP], mAb, Mouse
$185.00 100 μg
THE™ c-Myc Antibody [Biotin], mAb, Mouse
$345.00 200 μg

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