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SDS-PAGE and Western blotting are the most commonly used techniques in the lab, yet difficulties persist in obtaining consistent, quality results. At GenScript, we've been helping scientists achieve better results for decades, with continued innovation and steadfast technical support.

Explore our expanding portfolio of products, including SurePAGE™ Bis-Tris Gels, Protein Standards, eStain™ L1 Protein Staining System, eBlot™ L1 Protein Transfer System, eZwest™ Automated Western Device and THE™ Elite Antibodies.

New Customer Package


SurePAGE™ Pre-cast Gels

  • Fast run times of 20+ Min
  • High performance and better resolution
  • Free running buffer

GenBox gel tank

Convenient and consistent performance

Protein Standards

Protein Standards

Comprehensive selection & Broad Molecular Weight Range


Transfer and Staining

eBlot™ L1 Protein Transfer System

Achieve complete transfer in 9-17 Min

Outstanding performance for small, medium, and large proteins

eStain™ L1 Protein Staining System

Stain and de-stain 2 mini gels or 2 membranes in 10 min

Sharp stained protein bands and sensitivity ≥12.5 ng


Transfer and Staining

eZwest™ Automated Western Device

eZwest™ is a fully automated Western Blotting device completing the entire process of blocking, antibody incubation and washing steps.

THE™ Elite Antibodies

THE™ Elite Antibodies are the most precise and effective antibodies that meet the most demanding research requirements.

Buy our innovative devices risk free with 30 days money back guarantee*. Contact your sales account manager for details

*Your purchase will be fully refunded If our instrument does not perform according to the product specifications.

New Customer Package

We are offering new customers a bundled package to stock up on all the high-quality reagents you'll need, including gel electrophoresis kit and automated western blotting kit.

Bundle packages Bundled products Qty. Cat. No.
Gel electrophoresis Kit SurePage gels (free MOPS or MES buffer) 5 M00652 ~ M00669
GenBox Mini Tank 1 L00780
Broad Multi Color Pre-Stained Protein Standard 1 M00624-250
LDS sample buffer 1 M00676-10
Automated western blotting kit eBlot 1 L00686
reagent option 1: eBlot transfer PVDF full kit 1 L00727
reagent option 2: eBlot transfer NC basic kit + 2 membrane packs 1 L00724 + 2*L00732
eZwest 1 L00816
eZwest diluent kit 1 L00818 (available soon)

Preparing a lab for new research can challenge any researcher. We’re committed to making research easier by helping you stretch your budget with our New Customer Package.

Reach out now to connect with our expert specialists to learn more and get discounts on products you need.

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