THE Elite Antibodies are the most precise and effective antibodies that meet the most demanding research requirements. Isolated from cell lines that show the highest specificity against the corresponding immunogens, THE stands for THE unmistakable, THE irreplaceable, and THE best quality in the industry.

Key Features

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Ultra Specificity

No non-specific binding

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Ultra Sensitivity

More sensitive than other antibodies on the market

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Ultra Affinity

Ultra-low dissociation constant Kd

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Ultra Reactivity

Recognize and bind to target antigens by a wide range of species and expression systems

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Ultra Stability

Lot-to-lot consistency and lyophilized form is stable for at least two years at appropriate storage condition

Product Overview

GenScript offers more than 90 highly specific monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against over 40 different tags. Find more Epitope Tag Antibodies here. Request free samples.

Now MonoRab™ Rabbit Monoclonal series of anti-tag antibodies are also available!

Why Choose

GenScript takes advantage of proprietary technology, a rigorous manufacturing process, and serious quality control to make THE Elite antibodies possess higher sensitivity, wider applications, longer stability, and superior signal-to-noise ratios. The excellent lot-to-lot consistency can cost you less experimental time and make your research results more reliable.

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